Official ZMI PurPods in China: up to 32 hours of autonomy for only 199 yuan (25 €)

1 March 2021 15: 00
Price updated on: 1 March 2021 15:00

A couple of months ago the ZMI brand, which we know well for its power banks and other smartphone accessories, released the new PurPods Pro, a pair of TWS headphones with active noise reduction at a price (in China) of 399 yuan, or about 50 euros. Well, today the brand has instead presented a less premium version that comes with the name of ZMI PurPods, therefore without “Pro”. These will be available for presale on the official platform of Xiaomi Youpin, Tmall and at the price of 199 yuan, on 25 euros at the current exchange rate.

Official ZMI PurPods in China: up to 32 hours of autonomy for only 199 yuan (25 €)

ZMI PurPods

ZMI's PurPods use dual moving coil speakers to deliver greater sound clarity. Also, after connecting the headphones via Bluetooth to the Xiao Ai app on your smartphone, you can change the equalization. In particular, it will be possible to choose between four modes (dynamic, balanced, vocal and brilliant), so as to be able to satisfy everyone's needs according to taste.

Another feature of the ZMI headphones that almost take the place of the Xiaomi branded headphones, is the possibility of being able to connect them to the smartphone with an automatic pop-up, a bit Apple-style with its Airpods. There is also voice support thanks to the Xiaomi Xiao Ai assistant. So, in practice, they have the most exclusive features found on Xiaomi headphones.

ZMI PurPods

As for the quality of the audio in calls, the ZMI PurPods are equipped with a dual microphone call noise reduction algorithm, this is able to eliminate background ambient noise and accurately collect the voice of the interlocutor. This means that you can make high quality calls even in noisy outdoor environments.

In addition, the PurPods adopt EQsmart adaptive technology to be able to move smoothly between noisy and quiet environments, with adaptive technology that will adjust the volume slightly. Then there is a sensitive and accurate in-ear detection system, which automatically stops audio playback when both headphones are removed and resumes it when they are put on again.

Finally, we have a very good battery life. On a single charge, the headphones can play music for up to 10 hours, while the addition of the charging case can play up to 32 hours.

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