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Zuckerberg announces the new frontier of Meta and confirms: AGI is the next goal

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook pioneer now in charge of Meta, has revealed his ambitious plans for the future. His new challenge is called AGI, or general artificial intelligence, a sector that promises to revolutionize not only technology, but also the how we interact with it. From a race to innovate to impact the metaverse, here's what awaits us in the Meta AGI era.

Meta's AGI: a journey towards the artificial intelligence of the future that has some stumbling blocks

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and now head of Meta, recently announced a surprising goal: lo development of general artificial intelligence (AGI). This move not only marks a significant shift in Meta's strategy, but also places the company in direct competition with giants like OpenAI. I have already told you about AGI, what it is, how it works, how to achieve it and above all what the problems (ethical and technological) are behind achieving this objective.

AGI is distinguished from traditional artificial intelligence by its ability to learn and adapt to a variety of tasks and functions, imitating human intelligence more completely. Zuckerberg emphasized that despite this new focus, the metaverse project remains a key component of Meta's corporate vision.

In a recent statement, Zuckerberg revealed the work on llama 3, the model's successor llama 2 of Meta. This new model, accompanied by a massive computing infrastructure, represents a crucial step towards the realization of AGI. Meta's strategy also includes the purchase of 350.000 NVIDIA H100 graphics cards, an investment that further strengthens their computational capacity.

An interesting aspect of Meta's approach is the possibility publication of the AGI as Open Source. Zuckerberg has expressed his desire to make this technology accessible and open, while leaving open the possibility of changing strategy if necessary. This open-source approach reflects a growing trend in the tech industry, where sharing and collaboration could accelerate development and innovation.

Despite the emphasis on AGI, Zuckerberg continues to vigorously advocate for it metaverse project. The company's commitment in this area remains strong, with expected investments of approximately 15.000 million dollars per year. Zuckerberg predicts a future in which the virtual worlds of the metaverse will be generated and populated by artificial intelligences, creating increasingly immersive and realistic user experiences.

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