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The future of flexible OLED displays is 3D printing | Video

The world of gods OLED display is in constant transformation. Companies of the likes of LG e Samsung they are investing billions of dollars to reach levels of performance of undoubted level. If we talk about flexible displays for folding smartphones, then the game becomes even more exciting. But if we told you that the 3d printing Could it help make these displays cost less and make them faster?

Is 3D printing the future of smartphones? Yes, and the proof is this OLED display printed in such a way. Will the future be that simple?

According to the University of Minnesota researchers, flexible OLED screens can be made at home in the future. They have already managed to make an OLED display prototype using a dedicated 3D printer. Similar attempts have been made previously. However, in the production of "artisanal" screens, scientists have had problems with the uniformity of the layers that emit light. To get the desired result on a 3D printer, they had to use two different print modes, which led to the creation of the six layers required for a functional OLED display.

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The resulting prototype is shaped like a square with one side of 1.5 inches and only has 64 pixels. The next step will be to 3D print the OLED screen with higher resolution and higher brightness, the researchers said. The university used a bespoke 3D printer, whose price is equal to the Tesla Model S (about € 100.000). However, the researchers are confident the solution can become cheaper and will certainly find widespread use.

The prototype made in the laboratory demonstrates that printing of all types of displays (LCD and OLED) is possible at home or on the road on a small portable printer and will be available in a few years

Michael McAlpine, professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota.


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