MIUI 11 Global Stable: here are the exact dates for Redmi and Xiaomi

It has been almost a month since all users of X Global ROM users were waiting for this news. Previously the release periods of the MIUI 11 Global Stable were announced but not the exact dates: today instead, ...

Three new Xiaomi gadgets for crowdfunding beauty

Let's start this autumn Wednesday with three new Xiaomi gadgets dedicated especially to the female audience, in fact we are talking about two products that have the aim of increasing the beauty of the face, both through massages and ...

Review Redmi Note 8 Global: Hard to ask for more

Xiaomi in this 2019 has given itself really a lot to do in the presentation of new smartphones, so much so that many have wondered if they were all really useful. Among these is certainly the Redmi Note 8 that will spoil you right away, it's not a ...

MIUI 11 will introduce "Blurred Preview" on apps to protect privacy

Now the time has come: tomorrow Xiaomi will finally start officially launching the long-awaited MIUI 11. E 'since 24 September, the day when the UI of the brand was announced, that users around the world are ...

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Guide - How to insert coupons on Gearbest and Banggood sites

Sometimes we get emails from users who don't understand where to put the discount codes we offer every day at the two major Chinese sites: Gearbest and Banggood. In reality the operation is not complicated but for the less experienced here ...

Mi Home Mod: here's how to transfer Xiaomi smart devices from China servers to Europe

Xiaomi is over a year that has taken root in our beautiful country but despite a series of products, once available only through import from China and now finally available also through the company channels, the European servers still ...

Solve the 16 communication error of Android Auto with Xiaomi

The landscape of Android smartphones is vast and to this is added the equally varied panorama of infotainment of modern cars that goes to complicate the compatibility of Android Auto with our Xiaomi. But if your problem is the error of ...

How to install Alexa in Italian on Amazfit Verge

In the last two months we have witnessed a real technological horde by Huami, the company that produces the AmazFit devices. Of all the models proposed, perhaps the one that is most interesting, at least in terms of modding, is ...

How to have the MIUI 10 force touch on the MIUI 11

The hype for the arrival of the MIUI 11 is skyrocketing: after the announcement of two tickets given to users for a conference dedicated to the eleventh release of Xiaomi's proprietary interface, many users are on tap and are waiting for nothing else ... .

How to customize actions and control the charging of Xiaomi headphones

How many times have you used Bluetooth headphones and been disappointed because you thought they were charged, but in reality their daily work had already ended? I have to be honest: it happened to me several times and at that ...

Xiaomi MI A3: Google Camera already available (download link)

Despite the enormous and showy efforts made by Xiaomi regarding the photographic sector of its devices there is always someone who is not satisfied and who seeks perfection, forgetting that it is still a smartphone and not ...

Mi 9T and Redmi K2O Pro: how to overclock the display to 75 Hz

Exactly a month ago our Emanuele showed us how it is possible to increase the refresh rate of the display of the new Xiaomi Mi 9 and take it to 84 Hz. Everything has translated with a greater number of fps for the joy of gamers and one. ..

Changing watch faces on Mi Band 4 is a breeze with this app

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is already a best seller in its category, thanks to a super low cost price net of features able to compete with the so-called top of the range in the fitness tracker sector. With the last update was introduced ...

How to install and change watchface on Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is recently on the market and is already a record of sales but above all we have seen that the company has recently released support for the Italian language, in short this is one of those moments in which we find ourselves in front of a. ..

How to enable the dark theme on Xiaomi smartphones

Let's face it: inside each of us resides an EMO ... Yes, since the dark theme was "invented" we are constantly searching for apps and phones. Although the dark theme is definitely convenient and appreciable in its beauty ...

How to set the Italian language on the 4 China Mi Band

The success of the Mi Band series produced by Huami on behalf of Xiaomi is undeniable: to speak of are the record numbers that we have also reported here for what concerns the very latest Mi Band 4. And just about the latter smartband ...

Here's how to fix problems with wearable notifications

Since Xiaomi introduced the notch on their smartphones, many have suffered from the absence of display of notification icons, a feature that has not yet been resolved except in the Beta version or in alternative ROMs such as Xiaomi.eu. ...

Xiaomi Mi 9: here's how to overclock the display to 84 Hz

Xiaomi in the last period, also thanks to its Redmi spin-off, has been able to pull out smartphones really not bad, with the best hardware on the market at a more than honest price. Among these is certainly Mi 9, but in many ...

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