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DJI Mini 4K: hot details on what could be the twist of the year!

The possible new member of the DJI family will be the DJI Mini 4K. Less expensive than its big brother, the mini 4 pro, this model promises to capture attention with features that will facilitate accessibility. Yes, because it would appear to be dedicated especially to drone beginners or to those who want to learn how to use a flying device without spending a fortune.

DJI Mini 4K: launch date of the new economical drone

This drone is expected as a more accessible version, ideal for those approaching the world of drones for the first time without sacrificing shooting quality. In fact the Mini 4K should maintain the capacity di registration in 4K, a feature that is now indispensable for lovers of aerial photography.

Although there is still no official confirmation, an image leaked from has already started to make the rounds on the web, showing us a design which, although following the line of its predecessors, presents some differences. It seems that the Mini 4K may have a system stabilization slightly less advanced compared to the Pro model, probably to keep the price low. The details on the structure also suggest some simplifications, such as the possible absence of an omnidirectional obstacle detection system, top of the range feature of the most advanced models.

DJI Mini 4K in the official advertising poster

This choice could not only make the drone more light e manageable, but also position it as the perfect candidate for those looking for a high-performance drone with no frills. And with the possible announcement date set for 29th April, we won't have to wait long to find out all the specs.

DJI Avata 2, on the other hand, stands out for advanced features such as support for 4K HDR recording and integration with VR glasses, as well as new features such as reinforced propellers and a 46 GB internal memory. If DJI follows this direction with the Mini 4K, we could expect a device same to you strong, but with an eye on accessibility.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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