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Goodbye light apps: Android 15 turns everything into dark mode

With Android 15, users may soon enjoy an exciting new feature: the ability to activate the dark Fashion on all applications, even those that do not offer a dark theme by default. This feature represents a significant evolution compared to previous versions of the operating system and will accompany another useful feature for charging smartphones in an unprecedented way.

Android 15: This new feature will force dark mode

Looking back a little at the history, Android 10 was the first to introduce support for a extended dark mode to the entire system, but left individual app developers the freedom to adapt to this option or not. While many apps have updated to include a dark theme, some popular ones have not yet joined this trend. Dark mode has become extremely popular among users, especially since AMOLED screens come with a energy saving not indifferent.

Android 15 promises to eliminate these limitations with a new toggle, called “make all apps dark“, discovered during an analysis of the APK code of the beta versions. This button would allow you to force dark mode on all apps, improving the previous algorithm known as “override force-dark”. That option has been available in developer settings since the release of Android 10, and it worked by automatically analyzing and changing light app views to match a dark theme. However, the apps they could decide not to "participate", leaving users only the option to invert colors, which however altered the colors of everything, including photos and icons.

How to force dark mode on Android 15

The new “make all apps dark” toggle is located in the path Settings > WEB accessibility > Colors and movement and offers a better solution than “override force-dark”, acting more effectively and without the problems of contrast or visibility. While this option is not yet active in the latest Android 15 beta, it is expected that it may be available in future releases, with great anticipation for the Google I/O 2024 event where Wear OS 5 will also be announced.

Google has already successfully implemented and tested the feature, just waiting for the right time to make it available to all users. With the ability to force dark mode on each app, Android 15 is preparing to offer one greater Customization and an improvement in user viewing experience.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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