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There is news from the EU regarding device repairs after the warranty expires

A significant change from the European Parliament gives a boost to the management of our devices and appliances. The new directive on right to repair, with its broad parliamentary support, aims to extend the life of products through accessible and incentivizing repair practices. The main innovation concerns the cost-effectiveness of device repairs after the warranty expires.

Here's how the fate of your devices will change with the new right to repair

Yesterday the European Parliament voted a large majority in favor of a new directive which aims to extend the useful life of products through repair. With 584 votes in favour, the directive is now approaching its final approval by the European Council after theprovisional agreement from a few months ago.

The core of this legislation is make mandatory for manufacturers of consumer products the supply of repair services that are not only timely and economically accessible but also well communicated to consumers. This initiative ensures that every consumer is informed about their right to repair from the moment they purchase the product.

smartphone entitled to ifixit repair

An innovative aspect of the Right to Repair Directive is theextension of the warranty by a further year for products that are still covered. This not only incentivizes consumers to choose repair over replacement, but also strengthens confidence in the lasting value of the products purchased.

Post warranty, legislation imposes a duty on manufacturers to take action to ensure the repairability of common household products, such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and smartphones, with the possibility of expanding this list in the future. This ensures that even devices out of warranty can enjoy a second life. It also facilitates consumers by offering devices replacements in loan during the repair or the possibility of opting for a refurbished product.

To support consumers in easily finding reliable repair services, a platform, online European which will offer access to an extensive network of local repair shops, options for purchasing refurbished products and information on initiatives.

Gianluca Cobucci
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