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A new bill on artificial intelligence has been approved in Italy. What changes?

Italy takes a big step forward with a design of law that aims to regulate artificial intelligence. The news comes after it was AI Act passed in Europe with new stringent rules regarding privacy and the possibility of acting through AI models. Here's what they are news responsibilities and how these will influence the future of AI in our country.

National strategy and severe sanctions: the pillars of the new DDL on AI

The Council of Ministers has approved an innovative bill intended to regulate the artificial intelligence sector in Italy. This measure was designed to work in synergy with the AI ​​Act of the European Parliament, adopted on 13 March, and aims to include specific rules suited to the national context.

There are five key areas addressed by the bill:

  1. national strategy on AI: the government intends to define a clear guideline for the future of artificial intelligence in Italy, aiming for harmonization with European standards and policies;
  2. aCompetent authorities: Specific AI regulatory authorities will be established to monitor and ensure compliance with the rules. These authorities include theAgID andACN, who will have a crucial role in the supervision and enforcement of the law;
  3. promotion and development of AI: The bill includes initiatives to stimulate innovation and technological progress in the field of AI, including funding research and development projects;
  4. copyright protection: specific rules will be established to protect intellectual creations related to AI, recognizing and safeguarding the rights of authors in the digital context;
  5. criminal sanctions for the improper use of AI: The bill establishes severe penalties for those who use artificial intelligence in a fraudulent or harmful manner, including the use of AI to manipulate legal defenses or influence the outcome of elections;

The government also announced a investment of one billion euros in key sectors such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and quantum computing, financing specific funds and promoting co-investment through CDP Venture Capital Sgr. In case of serious violations, such as the dissemination of falsified content via AI, fines can reach up to five years' imprisonment, especially if such actions cause significant harm.

This bill represents a fundamental step for Italy, placing it at the forefront in the regulation of artificial intelligence and showing a serious commitment to responsible technology and safe. The proposed regulations are a clear signal that the country wants to not only exploit the benefits of AI, but also prevent potential risks, balancing innovation and ethics effectively.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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