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Degrii Zima Pro is the wireless pool robot that orients itself with ultrasound

The fantastic technology that we have seen arriving in homes in recent years with robot vacuum cleaners is finally also available on pool cleaning robot. The new Degrii Zima Pro it is the first wireless pool robot that uses ultrasonic radar technology to navigate the pool, avoid obstacles, map the pool surface and clean following an optimal path.

Degrii Zima Pro is practical, efficient and intelligent

The Degrii Zima Pro represents the latest innovation in the sector: it is a wireless pool cleaning robot, equipped with ultrasonic technology, which guarantees superior cleaning effectiveness. This revolutionary robot uses the ultrasonic radar for navigation autonomously in the pool, avoiding obstacles, mapping the surface and following the most effective path for optimal cleaning. Furthermore, it offers advanced features like a powerful suction of 250 W, the ability to clean different surfaces and remote control via an application.

Unlike traditional corded robots or less advanced cordless ones, the Degrii Zima Pro (2024) promises a convenient, efficient and intelligent cleaning experience. It is equipped with wheels equipped with rubber blades robust to effectively remove dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool. Users can issue commands, change the cleaning mode, monitor progress and manage the robot both remotely and manually through the dedicated application.

When the battery drops below 10%, the robot it automatically stops near the edge of the pool, allowing for easy recovery. It also features a dual filtration system that uses ultra-fine cartridges and activated carbon packets to remove impurities from the water. On a full charge, the Degrii Zima Pro can clean an area of ​​460m² in a single cycle, with a charging time of just 4-5 hours.

Price and availability

Available on Amazon, the initial price of the product is €1199 but, thanks to the promotional code ZI8MA9PRO9, can be purchased at the final price of €899. The promotion is valid from 26 April 2024 until 9 May 2024.

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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