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TikTok is testing the ability for users to upload 60-minute videos. The feature is currently available to a limited group of users in…

Get ready to transform your home into a super smart environment with May's unmissable offers! During this event, which lasts only until the 31st ...

OnePlus excitedly announced that its flagship models, OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open, will be among the first devices in the world to receive the new…

In the welcoming Xiaomi Café, located in the vibrant design district of Milan, the renowned tattoo artist and illustrator Anna Neudecker, known as La ...

A Xiaomi HyperOS App Camera V5.1.001160.0 update has just been released for Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones. On this page you will find the ...

11/5/2024 Update
Added version V5.1.001160.0

The world of home entertainment is about to receive a significant upgrade with the launch of the Wanbo Mozart 1 Pro, an LCD projector that promises…

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In the age of smart home technology, the Proscenic 850T stands out as a cutting-edge solution for keeping your home spotless effortlessly. ...

The fantastic technology that we have seen arriving in homes in recent years with robot vacuum cleaners is finally also available on cleaning robots ...

In today's fast-paced world, where time is precious and mobility is essential, having versatile and reliable tools for your vehicle...

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After the announcement of the presentation of the Xiaomi Redmi 13C at the end of November, we were curiously awaiting its arrival in our country to verify above all the ...

Are you ready for Electronics Week on GeekMall? From 18 to 26 April 2024, take advantage of exclusive discounts on a wide range of products ...

An update MIUI Launcher version V4.39.14.8049-04012001 has just been released for Xiaomi smartphones. On this page you will find the ...

18/4/2024 Update
Added version V4.39.14.8049-04012001

Insta360 has just unveiled its latest innovation in video cameras: the Insta360 X4, a revolutionary product that promises to redefine ... Ho provato il monopattino elettrico KuKirin G2 Master, nuovo modello mediogamma che arricchisce la serie G2. Un monopattino ...

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With the arrival of spring, it's the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful weather and nature, and there's no better way to do it than with bicycles and scooters...

Fans of the Harry Potter saga can rejoice in the marketing of the new Redmi Turbo 3 Harry Potter Edition, a smartphone inspired precisely by ...

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In a world increasingly oriented towards sustainability and innovation, Turoll has announced the launch of its latest electric bicycles, designed ...

Xiaomi celebrates its 14th anniversary with the long-awaited Xiaomi Fan Festival on the official website and on eBay, an opportunity to show gratitude to ...

This year, the Xiaomi Fan Festival brings a breath of fresh air to eBay with a truly unmissable promotion for all technology enthusiasts and ...

The Maono WM620 is a wireless microphone appreciated for its flexibility, sound quality and portable design. This microphone stands out for ...

Narwal, the leader in home cleaning innovation, excitedly announces the launch of its highly anticipated Freo

Don't miss the chance to upgrade your technology with the March 2024 Super Sales on Geekmall! From 20 to 25 March, Geekmall invites you to discover offers ...

Spring is here and with it the sensational Roborock sale on Amazon! Take advantage of never-seen discounts on the best Roborock robot vacuum cleaners, ...

In an era where the preference for tablets is growing, thanks to their larger displays that make reading and web browsing more pleasant and enhance ...

If you're a tech enthusiast, get ready to shop and save with the Big March Sale on GeekMall! From 13 to 19 March, not only ...

ONYX International announces the launch of the BOOX Note Air3, the latest addition to its eNote lineup. This monochrome E Ink device is designed to…

In a world where online shopping has become a fundamental component of our daily lives, eBay reconfirms itself as a protagonist in offering ...

In the era of home entertainment, image quality and viewing experience have become paramount. With the goal of elevating these experiences…

In the world of laser engraving, technological innovation and precision are key to turning creative ideas into tangible realities. With great ...

Xiaomi continues to expand the variety of its product catalogue, introducing an item as unusual as it is innovative to the Chinese market: the Xiaomi ...

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  1. Yes of course, but better by hand. It could be damaged in the washing machine and damage the appliance

  2. Xiaomi Walkingpad R1 PRO a 490€ from EU warehouse
    Coupon: NNNR1PRONEW
    EU UPS Express Shipping 2 / 7gg (No Customs)

  3. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 13 July 2020 at 15: 06

    Yes, right. In favor of the S5 Max there is the constantly updated software and the xiaomi app. Generally the very good Roborock quality.

  4. TOP

  5. The first and inimitable ... a real innovation!

  6. 1. You will probably have chosen a different shipment than recommended. Which one did you select?
    2. If it were as you say, here you would find hundreds of comments like yours. Instead it is the only one.
    2. Moderate tones.

  7. Try this NOW
    🔥 Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to 13.47 €
    💰 Discount Code: miband97
    Here ➡️
    ✈ Free Standard Shipping

  8. Which MIUI / Android version are you using? No problem on Xiaomi 12 with MIUI 14 and Android 13

  9. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 31 July 2023 at 9: 39

    I hadn't noticed, thanks for the tip

  10. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 27 June 2023 at 14: 18

    Long press on the icon, select application info. On the next screen, at the bottom you will find the "uninstall updates" button

  11. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 21 May 2023 at 10: 49

    I bought this kit not original but good quality

    There are of course also the original ones

  12. Then probably the problem is another but it's hard to say what so far away

  13. It's not available yet. Double is an (optimistic) hypothesis based on the previous model but will probably initially cost around €1.200

  14. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 5 March 2023 at 6: 57

    I don't have wood so I can't answer you with personal experience, but you can find specific ones on Amazon

  15. Bissel is great

    In truth, I have been using Winni's for a year now which is not specific for robots but does not foam, does not need to be rinsed, is hypoallergenic, is super concentrated and costs very little in comparison.

  16. The X1E Omni is certainly a great product but I don't think it is up to the Dreame. In particular, the absence of the internal tank, although it has some advantages, remains a limitation especially in the absence of the ability to lift the mops.

    I talk a little about it in the video:

    I also saw it live and it seems "big" to me even if I think it's bigger than a few centimeters.

    I only envy the tanks of the base which are more capacious.

  17. Front

  18. Si

  19. No

  20. I use this specific one but probably any silicone lube will do

  21. 🛒️Treadmill Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 Pro Cinta de correr Manual / Modos automáticos Almohadilla foldable para caminar

    🌐 On sale at #Banggood
    💰 Baja at € 417,00 from € 677,00 (-38%)
    🎟️ Code of descuento: BG3d82bf
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    🎟️ Canjea an adicional cupón de 10 $ aquí

    Fast delivery from Europe included (Sin Aduanas)

  22. Try this, it should works worldwide

    🌐 For sale on #GeekBuying
    💰 It goes down to € 516
    🎟️ Discount code: WALKPADR2
    📌 Buy

  23. 🌐 For sale on #banggood
    💰 It goes down to € 515,00 from 870,00 € (-40%)
    🎟️ Discount code: BG41d733
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  24. 🛒️WalkingPad Xiaomi KingSmith WalkingPad R2 Treadmill Smart Folding Walking and Running Machine

    🌐 For sale on #GeekBuying
    💰 It goes down to € 490,00 from 797,77 € (-38%)
    🎟️ Discount code: NNNDEWPR2
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  25. Honestly, I don't see any spikes from the previous days, although obviously it is possible that they have been on offer in the past as well.

    Even H8 Pro, HW 8 and HW8 Pro are even at an all-time low
    Just the JV85 and JV83 have increased in the last month and a half, but not in a day.
    What product were you referring to exactly?

  26. It was an offer valid only until 13/11.

  27. A little non-rinsable detergent is always preferable. There are those who also use a drop of diluted ammonia.
    The result is obviously better than in the S5

  28. Well, 7.2 ″ is unusual for any brand but it will get there. The Mi 11 is from 6.81 ″ 😅

  29. We have updated. The correct one is XT20off.
    Thanks for the tip

  30. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 22 June 2021 at 11: 04

    Power and tank capacity are the same. Coupled with a robot it will be of great help!

  31. We still have it in the editorial office. As soon as I have a moment, I check the procedure

  32. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 1 May 2021 at 11: 48

    Roids eve plus

  33. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 1 May 2021 at 11: 48

    for a bomb

  34. Xiaomi Home

  35. You're welcome ❤️

    Also remember the replacement cartridges. These days also those are from EU warehouse

  36. Top right at checkout. Push the arrow down, paste the coupon BGXMitoPrin and click on USE

  37. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 9 April 2021 at 20: 13

    S5 Max is a great product. Basically an S6 with a vocation for washing. At 400 € I wouldn't buy it but it's much cheaper on GShopper.
    THU to 315 € using the discount code 3A02092E41 fast shipping from Spain.

    Alternatively, perhaps only this Roidmi has really convinced me in the over € 400 range compared to the Roborock. Especially today which is on offer at € 359 including the emptying base

  38. Which of the 3 codes are you having trouble with?

  39. I just checked and the coupon is still up and running. (See image).
    You have to get to the payment, then on the top right you will find the COUPON section.
    Down arrow, enter BGXWCS and then click on USA.

  40. I totally agree with you, but this is an article from 6 years ago when it was actually less popular

  41. Hi, the JV85XT coupon is valid only on the official website but the offer was only for a few days. Now with that coupon it drops to € 219

    Right now it is cheaper on Amazon than with an automatic 5% coupon it drops to 217 €

  42. I don't know what to tell you ... have you tried the one I linked to?

  43. It was valid all day, now it's expired

  44. Yes, it is normal, it is the internal protective tape that is not perfectly stretched so that it can bend. When you walk over the middle part, at the height of the folding hinge, it makes creaks.
    Everyone does it a little, perhaps the C1 more

  45. The switch can be replaced with any one. Contact Banggood (they will ask you for a video of the problem) and get a part refund so you pay us for the repair

  46. You need to calibrate. I'm preparing a video guide but there are already some tutorials around

  47. A girl commented on the video with a similar situation. It looked dead but installed the app on another phone and completed the upgrade and fixed. Give it a try

  48. Hi Emiliana, before embarking on a refund, check that you are doing everything right:
    Is the plug well connected on both ends?
    Did you turn on the switch next to the plug socket?

  49. This is from yesterday but I think it has already gone up:

    Treadmill R1 PRO 2 in 1 Smart Folding Walking Pad at 462 € from EU stock
    Coupon: WKPADR1PZ

  50. Today the best offer is this:
    R1 PRO 2 in 1 Smart Folding Walking Pad at 490 € from EU stock
    € 490 coupon: BGWR12P

  51. Forget Alibaba, between shipping and customs fees you pay double. Have you tried to make a simulation by entering your address?

  52. Xiaomi Walkingpad R1 PRO at 461 €
    Coupon: WKPADR1PZ
    Buy here
    Free delivery from Europe in 2-10 days

  53. In truth, if there was one point in favor, it was the quality and robustness. It is almost all frame with very few plastics.

    I gave it away because it basically offers nothing more than the A1. I didn't like it aesthetically. The zipper in the middle of the carpet felt quite enough. and especially the display on the remote control is less comfortable than on the walkingpad.

    I understand your state of mind, even I could not wait to "taste" new limits. I alternate 6/8 / 10km and gradually I am improving.
    I miss the quiet walk at 6 which allows me to write on the phone and watch TV more relaxed 😆 On the other hand now I have a bike and I have to pedal !!

  54. Yes, I have reviewed both the A1 and the C1. But I kept the A1 which I preferred.

    As you can see we are all different, in habits, in conformation, in character. This is why I believe that the "sentences" such as those of Alessandro are excessive.

    On the contrary, I see all three of us agree that losing weight with the walking pad alone is not possible but remains the right stimulus for many.

  55. It is exactly the same path that I took. Last year I lost 12kg and it was all thanks to the walkingpad because it is congenial to my life and habits.
    Obviously, once I started, I associated a more careful diet and when possible a greater sport effort (at alternating periods).

    For me it was the right “easy” incentive to start and the constant to continue. And I continue like this with the R1 😆💪🏻

  56. 92 minutes of applause 👏🏻

    Seriously, Alessandro is probably a sportsman who does not allow middle ground and the countless points of view escape him.

    This type of walking pad, on the other hand, encourages physical activity where time / organization / laziness becomes an obstacle. But there may be another hundred thousand reasons.

    Then it would be better to do more sports, do it better, eat less, eat healthily, not smoke, etc .. we all already knew this without needing him to tell us.

  57. Hi Paolo, honestly what you tell me has never happened to me, not even with the previous 2 models but it is difficult to understand "from a distance".

    1. Calibration should be performed carefully, half a turn at a time, then wait 60 seconds for it to settle. I'm not sure that's your problem, but it's important.
    2. The fact that it only starts in calibration mode is also odd. So even if you unplug everything, hang up and reboot, it's still in calibration mode?
  58. Several users have asked the question to the assistance that has confirmed the validity of the guarantee as long as the operation is successful and does not damage the phone. Unlocking the bootloader is also allowed.

  59. The tool only installs official ROMs

  60. NO. To use a global rom on a china phone (and vice versa) you have to leave the bootloader unlocked otherwise brick the phone!!

  61. Unfortunately it is a somewhat generic error that can depend on various things, from the cable, to the corrupt download ... Try to do it all over again, if you can change the cable or even on another PC

  62. They will be automatic 😉

  63. Yes, right. If she wears a lot of clothes underneath, also consider M. They are “Chinese” sizes on average smaller than ours.

  64. I gave it to my wife. 1,60m - The small fits him perfectly.

    here you will find other models, including one for women

  65. A brisk walk is 6km / h. At 10km / h we run, period. It is not a consideration but a fact.

    If you want to tell me that it is possible to go faster with other models, then I can agree.

    But considering that it is a home product and that when closed it occupies only 69x13cm, I think it has excellent performance.

  66. Well for € 25 you can't ask for much more, the essential thing is that autonomy is not affected.
    However, we will have the opportunity to try it in preview and we will verify its goodness

  67. I don't know what to tell you… theoretically there are no problems since they are official Roma but well informed.
    You can also try to install the EEA but 9/10 requires you to unlock the bootloader

  68. From EEA to Global there are no differences if not a few days in the update times.
    Instead, between the EU and global branded ones, the update times also change by several months.

    In the branded someone has found strange bugs but nothing officially verified. In general the operation and compatibility is the same

  69. Sim, of course

  70. the only alternative is to use the "segundo espacio"

  71. We especially thank Francesco Tescari who created a tool so well done that the guide would not even be needed!

  72. I'm really happy to know… it still remains a mystery 😆
    If you care, I just tried the R1 too

  73. Settled

  74. Great news. Thanks for the update

  75. Just launch the spotify app before connecting

  76. Of course it's original. Only the new version connects to the gateway via bluetooth.

  77. Unfortunately the coupon is only for shipping from China. However from Europe it really costs poco more 😉

  78. No, I've never had a problem with the remote and honestly haven't even read any. Try contacting support and see what they tell you.
    Keep me updated.

  79. That entry is only present if you have activated the cloned apps

  80. Hi Alberto, I just tried it and it works. I am attaching the screen

    Coupon: BGCZS5M

  81. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 18 June 2020 at 15: 21

    Unfortunately No.

  82. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 18 June 2020 at 15: 20

    Probably yes. We hope to have it soon

  83. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 16 June 2020 at 11: 38

    It returned at 19.99 sold and shipped by Amazon

  84. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 11 June 2020 at 17: 34

    Offer already ended 😭😭

  85. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 30 May 2020 at 19: 02

    With Dual Space you can get around. I have verified that it is not a problem

  86. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 29 May 2020 at 8: 58

    Let's say that Amazon remains the TOP as a guarantee. However, the news is important and when we can have the certainty of the “cross border” label at the origin (before buying) we will have competitive prices and an official guarantee.

    We will continue to follow the evolution of this "novelty" and we will keep you updated

  87. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 21 May 2020 at 10: 10

    Hi Maurizio, unfortunately we are not Xiaomi and not even an ecommerce so we are not in a position to help you. I removed the phone from your comment, also for privacy reasons.
    The call center and the reseller are not “ours”, but we can only advise you to insist on assistance or try with another reseller.


  88. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 16 May 2020 at 18: 07

    We went ahead with this article because the detail decree seemed imminent. And yet nothing yet ...

  89. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 13 May 2020 at 7: 22

    Yes, it still has the Xiaomi Dialer

  90. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 26 April 2020 at 6: 16

    At the end of the emails you receive there is a link to unsubscribe

  91. Just tried it. It works.
    Try again now

  92. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 14 April 2020 at 6: 42

    Hi Luisa. Unfortunately, at this moment there are not many offers, both for a widespread chaos for shipments, and because such objects are snapped up in quarantine.

    The "worth" is a subjective concept. I have always used it a lot since I work from home and in this period even more (and my wife too). 500 € is all in all a fair price but only you can know if an “excessive” sacrifice is made.

  93. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 31 March 2020 at 6: 39

    It is always quite high, let's say you have to evaluate the price overall

  94. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 11 March 2020 at 5: 22

    No, only the Mi A series (A1 A2 and A3).
    Here you find offers

  95. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 3 March 2020 at 7: 30


  96. The Study theme was one of a kind because it included functionality and not just aesthetic features. Unfortunately nothing was accomplished

  97. It's an article from 6 years ago 😆I don't think that theme is more usable

  98. You have probably activated fullscreen mode.
    Settings - Display - Full screen mode
    For help and info, you can also find us on the facebook group:

  99. The question is very delicate and it is preferable to ask the medical / technical staff

  100. That's right, it looks like you don't have cloned apps active. If that's not the cause, I can't help you, I'm sorry

  101. It has been in preorder for practically after the review because while restocking, they continue to run out. Generally, as far as I've seen, they ship a week after purchase.

  102. I tried it with 4 different powerbanks (3 Xiaomi and a Teclast) and I didn't have these problems.
    The only thing noted on all is that when it remains low in charge the jacket does not turn on.

  103. Thanks for the feedback

  104. No problem, they come smoothly

  105. Hi Fabio, we always recommend Priority Direct shipping just to avoid problems and additional costs.

    By now the shipment has come back, you should contact BangGood support

  106. I answered. Consider that there are no temperatures in contact with the skin.
    The 40 are poco more than body temperature, they return a feeling of lukewarm. At 50 it begins to heat up enough, but always the right one. On the other hand, he has to fight the cold

  107. I just tried and they both work!
    You're probably not using our link:

  108. Try one of these:
    🧥 Xiaomi 90 FUN 97 € Warming Waterproof Jacket
    On Coupon: BGxiaomigiacca
    💰 Coupon to 97 €: BGISSAM90FDJ
    Compra➡https: //

  109. To me only Saturday but the roll-out is gradual. Be patient

  110. Try this: BGXIAOMIGIACCA

  111. Absolutely not (obviously). My wife takes a shower at 40 ° 😆
    50 ° it starts to be very hot but remember that you are dressed, maybe with a sweater and it is cold outside. In short, "right" but certainly not excessive!

  112. Sorry for the late reply. At the moment it is only possible to add reminders from the Amazfit app

  113. This information can only give you the MiStore, I'm sorry

  114. Verified! With the second space there are no problems 😎

  115. That's right, unfortunately for now we have to choose: cloned apps or Android Auto.
    On the "double space" I will try and let you know

  116. No to both

  117. Don't worry, it will also come for the 9T pro. This is simply the "Chinese" announcement and therefore does not mention SOLO global devices

  118. Just a few tags. You can use the buttons above

  119. Obviously you have not cloned any apps.

  120. Hi guys, I dusted off my walking pad to try to replicate the problem.
    Meanwhile, I tell you that I am not a version without wifi and probably the alternative app reported (Walkingpad) works only with bluetooth.
    In any case, the C1 version is aesthetically completely different and you certainly don't have that.

  121. Hi Andrea, just before the search, try holding the side button on the right for a few seconds

  122. With the custom channels I arrived up to 520 and it is also possible to set the sub-code both in transmission and in reception.
    I'm not very expert but I think I can confirm

  123. It happens because when the (Chinese) shops receive a large recent stock they are able to offer it at an advantageous price.
    The 3 / 32 could be an old stock or with little availability and they don't want / can lower it a lot

  124. No, ITALY REGISTERED (on GearBest) corresponds to the priority shipment that takes around 2 weeks.
    The price can vary by more or less one euro depending on the update of the site on the USD / EUR exchange

  125. Unfortunately, No.

  126. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 9 August 2019 at 6: 40

    Unfortunately it is not compatible with google pay, we hope it will soon become

  127. To my knowledge there is only one version and it should therefore be updated in Italian.
    When you arrive let us know!

  128. Not sure 100% - I had the same doubt.

  129. Tomorrow you will find here on the site and on the youtube channel ( the review.
    I anticipate that the increase in battery, the introduction of bluetooth 4.2 BLE and some optimizations have really increased the autonomy. Obviously when we talk about 45 days, it is a "typical" scenario

  130. 1) It is sufficient to lift a flap that unlocks the flap at the bottom. Gravity does the rest.
    2) That I know of YES
    3) Only on F8
    4) and Amazon. The F8 only on the latter
    5) Yes, I have always washed them without problems.

  131. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 30 July 2019 at 6: 41

    GearBest (and not only him) to date has used the LITE nomenclature to identify the international version of the beep that is actually the one you link to.
    The NEW Bip Lite is not yet available on GearBest and I confirm to 100% that it has no GPS.
    PS We are already testing it ...

  132. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 30 July 2019 at 6: 37

    It's an old offer that has now expired. At the moment the most sensible purchase is the Mi Band 4

  133. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 22 July 2019 at 6: 32

    It is also reported here:

    In any case it is also specified during the purchase, before payment

  134. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 22 July 2019 at 6: 29


    ✨ Xiaomi Roborock S50 International Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner at 322 €
    On Coupon: GBSTSDJ348
    Buy warranty 2 years Europa➡️https: //

    ✨ Xiaomi Roborock S55 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner at 340 €
    On Coupon: GBSTSDJ379
    Buy warranty 2 years Europa➡️https: //
    🇨🇳 FREE Priority Line Shipping (10 / 15gg, No Customs) ✈️

    ✨ Xiaomi Roborock S55 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner at 310 €
    On Coupon: BGitroborockS55
    Compra➡️https: //

    ✨ Xiaomi Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner at 325 €
    💰 Coupon: BGRB52901
    Compra➡️https: //
    🇨🇳 FREE EU Priority Line Shipping (7/15 days, No customs) ✈️

    ✨ Xiaomi Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner from IT warehouse
    💰 Flash price: 374 €
    Compra➡️https: //
    🇮🇹 Shipping 24 / 48h from warehouse Italy FREE 🚚

    ✨ Xiaomi Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner at 321 €
    On Coupon: XRobotS5
    Compra➡️http: //
    EU EU Priority Line Shipping (10 / 20gg, No Customs) ✈️

  135. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 22 July 2019 at 6: 19

    In truth it is an Echo Show 5 😅

  136. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 22 July 2019 at 6: 13

    Let's give it time 🙂

  137. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 17 July 2019 at 6: 21

    It is enough to extract them, possibly the right first.

  138. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 20 June 2019 at 12: 02

    Hi Fabio, write to [email protected] attaching the order number and ticket. Let's see if we can help you by soliciting the question.

  139. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 20 June 2019 at 6: 41

    Points of view… there is more choice from 😆
    Nor do I agree on prices. The Redmi 6 and 7 have always been poco above € 100 (6 even below). And today you can get a Redmi Note 7 4 / 64gb at 165 € .. space!

  140. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 12 June 2019 at 5: 53

    Just a Pinch (pinch) with two fingers on the Home. At the bottom you should see the "widget" section

  141. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 3 June 2019 at 22: 17

    Thanks Maurizio for the clarification, I will add it to the review

  142. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 29 May 2019 at 6: 59

    Thank you! They are the best compliments you could make me!
    I am a user like you, not always professional and set but certainly "genuine" 😆

  143. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 28 May 2019 at 6: 20

    Hi Marco, I went to comb through the official technical data sheets, which I had obviously done before.
    And actually I found at the bottom, written small, the confirmation that I am IPX4 eaMea Culpa I will correct the misprint, thanks.
    With regard to Active Noise Canceling (ANC), I can confirm that it is only adopted by the PROs and is different from the DSP used on Redmi because it uses an additional microphone that captures environmental noises and generates a "negative" noise capable of canceling them.

  144. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 19 May 2019 at 7: 20


  145. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 19 May 2019 at 7: 18

    Yes we actually expected to see it first but the rumors have also calmed down a bit.
    However, I have an idea that it will necessarily arrive before summer

  146. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 19 May 2019 at 7: 17


  147. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 19 May 2019 at 7: 16

    We too are exhausted

  148. Absolutely not
    We have already received many reports

  149. Your advice is valuable and you will be happy to know that some news is in the pipeline

  150. You are not the first to whom I speak who has "stopped" at the Mi5 precisely because of the size and that thanks to the Mi9 SE has returned to hope.
    Let's face it… it's time to make the switch!

  151. Usually enough time passes before it is available to importers. Follow us because you are sure we will let you know with some offers

  152. There is no Global version (and perhaps never will). It is China version without 20 band

  153. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 7 April 2019 at 17: 49

    From the camera settings remove "device logo"

  154. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 6 April 2019 at 3: 28

    You must apply the discount code to take advantage of the offer.
    Priority line shipping or those we suggest duties are paid by the sender

  155. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 11 March 2019 at 7: 54

    The last offer was on € 382, ​​already more reasonable 😅

  156. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 11 March 2019 at 7: 47

    Here we always put the updated offers:
    The last coupon was from March 8 but it went away immediately despite 200 uses. Follow us on the telegra or on that page because during the week we will surely put more

  157. I have not had these problems but I guess it is a subjective question that also depends on the anatomy of your ear. However I agree that the nozzles are unnecessarily large, in fact in the EP52 there are also spare parts without nozzles.

  158. Except for surprises, no

  159. I can easily do without IP68, but I understand it is subjective. The audio is stereo but the ear capsule is used as secondary audio (I have now added a slide in the GAME TURBO section).
    Instead of optical stabilization, if it were, I would be sorry enough but from the review and the videos that there are du DXOMARK the stabilization, optical or not, behaves very well and received a score of 92.

  160. Yes, but it needs an additional module that is not available here. It will be in the 3S Mix

  161. Do not take it with me! For global prices, the global presentation will have to wait.
    However I correct myself there is a difference in the camera:
    Sony IMX586 from 48 mega-pixels has a focal aperture of f / 1.47, with 7P lenses instead of the f / 1.75 aperture and 6P lenses of the Mi 9

  162. There are no other details, in addition to the price (which I put) 524 €

  163. No. We will see the 24 what they will say.

  164. Imagine! Unfortunately, in the rush to follow the live in Chinese and immediately update you, something is lost.
    We are reorganizing and adding the missing details.

  165. It has not been mentioned, so we can exclude it.

  166. Certainly

  167. Who knows 😅Probably it's too old so worth a try with different device

  168. Global's prices are completely hypothetical for now… it makes no sense to talk about it!

  169. At point 3 of the Guide, choose the menu item MC instead of “Custom MC”. You'll find listed the original firmware

  170. For now, but I know that Christopher is working on the possibility of doing it via bluetooth

  171. It's a very strange thing because refunds ALWAYS arrive within 24/48 hours… something must have happened.
    Send everything you can to [email protected] let's see to help you

  172. Surely before you try other flashes you must ensure that there are no hardware problems

  173. Just click on "SHOW DISCOUNT CODE"

  174. What do you mean? Explain yourself better ...
    In case of non-availability or delay in stock, just open a ticket and the assistance itself will offer you the wait or refund options.

  175. It seems clear to me that something in the flash has not been successful, it can not be a coincidence.
    Unfortunately I can not help you except by pointing out that there is a procedure to reflect the ROM via a physical cable, but you have to do some research.

    I'm sorry

  176. But apart from the display, does the bike work?
    Did you flash some modified firmware?

  177. Then there is poco to do, you can not use the Mi Mover 🙁

  178. I do not know what you mean. A discount is a discount ...

  179. Unfortunately, no skip and no equalizer, but this happens to me with all the bluetooth headphones tested

  180. No duty go quiet

  181. In what way do not you work anymore?

  182. Good!

  183. I tested in a room with a TV at max volume and the noise canceling

  184. Did you try to change China to the app setting?

  185. Menomale 😅

  186. So on the spot and without being able to tinker, nothing comes to mind. Maybe it is connected to another phone…. have you made attempts with another device? Does the connection light at startup blink?

  187. No, change only the performance parameters. The rest remains the same

  188. Account for about a month and a half. Unfortunately it arrives by rail in Germany and then from there with UPS. Arriving arrived, but you have to be patient.

  189. They tell us that someone has succeeded…. there were probably very few units available

  190. Yes, it has the engine

  191. A user who thinks and is technically able to make a downgrade, is also aware of what he does, any problems and how to solve them.
    It remains that the phone is mine and I must be able to install what I want, within the bounds of legality of course.
    In general, however, I find anti-rollback annoying but not a real problem

  192. It depends. The treadmill itself is silent, it is the steps that make noise.
    I have a house on 2 floors and I have verified that it begins to "disturb" above 4km / h

  193. Oh yes, at present the Redmi Note 6 is convenient

  194. You're right, on the site you will not find it mentioned but it is so and you can see from the fact that you will not find a single comment (here or on social media) that reports problems.
    You've probably never bought from GearBest, but it's like that!

  195. Some shipments (Priority Line, Italy registered) provide for "upstream" agreements by the sender with the courier and arrive at their destination without additional costs regardless of the courier.

  196. No, you're right, as they're slipping. This is due to the number of phones still supported which is constantly increasing.
    It then happens that often the releases, as public BETA, require further verification. All the better this way.

  197. You are right! Let's say that the various technologies that have emerged in recent times have made it possible to limit the size despite the larger displays. And in any case, Apple also goes in that direction ...

  198. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 11 June 2018 at 6: 02

    It was a typo that we thought we had already corrected. Thanks for the report.

  199. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 9 June 2018 at 19: 25

    Yes, even that Explorer! The SE will be the only one without Band 20 and therefore only available through unofficial import.

  200. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 9 June 2018 at 19: 24

    Yes, I understood this, but exactly WHAT problem? Does it give you error? Can't Pay? Don't understand how the site works? Explain yourself better!

    PS Sorry for the delay in the reply

  201. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 9 June 2018 at 19: 22

    In truth it is not yet known whether it will be available

  202. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 1 June 2018 at 13: 21

    Yes, of course, personally tested

  203. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 18 May 2018 at 19: 42

    Android only

  204. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 4 May 2018 at 20: 21

    Just create a new account

  205. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 1 May 2018 at 11: 36

    What do you mean? The system works perfectly! What product does this make you like? Put the link

  206. Mamy taką nadzieję!

  207. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 1 April 2018 at 22: 29

    Yes ItalyExpress you find it under PriorityLine but you only see it later in the cart

  208. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 1 April 2018 at 21: 06

    This is not a forum, much less a support service. This is the space reserved for the comments of the article where however we try to help you. Obviously it's Easter… for us too! Happy Easter!

  209. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 1 April 2018 at 21: 04

    Hi, posts with links are put on standby automatically. We just approved it.

  210. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 21 March 2018 at 6: 05

    Azerbaijan Registered is fine, remember not to put accented letters or symbols in the address.
    There is also the ItalyExpress at 3.9… It arrives in a third of the time!

  211. Keeping the central button pressed, obviously make sure they are loaded

  212. No

  213. It's always a matter of tastes, certainly with Global you have less flaws

  214. Yes, many are getting it!

  215. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 21 June 2017 at 10: 14


  216. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 30 May 2017 at 11: 48

    Obviously if the display turned on at every notification, the battery would last a third. Anyway, it costs less than $ 100 and I do not know how you paid it so much

  217. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 17 May 2017 at 11: 41

    It has already been done for some time

  218. Leave your address in the form at the bottom of the page "Our best offers via email"

  219. Unfortunately it is a bid a few days ago and it has stolen

  220. Are you sure the version number has 5 digits?

  221. Reply avatar photos
    Simone Rodriguez 7 June 2016 at 17: 50

    A few days we start with an offer at 477 € shipping and accessories included. Stay around!

  222. We are talking about the new (Chinese) year, so in February!

  223. But thanks to you!

  224. Thank you!
    You can always install the MEGA app, it's free, light and without contraindications!

  225. Indeed, with MIUI, the Mega app opens to me. No problem with the desktop.