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YouPin, Xiaomi's crowdfunding, has accustomed us to many beautiful quality gadgets and unbeatable prices. This is also the case of the Xiaomi Happy Life 3 in 1 ...

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The "wearables" market is slowly maturing, bearing fruit from the experience acquired and the mistakes made by the competition. If in the ...


The Xiaomi Mi Band is by far the most popular device in people's hearts, conquering Apple users, thanks to its simplicity, ...


The Xiaomi Mi 9T has broken into the market creating an enthusiasm rarely seen in the past for a "minor version" that despite with the Xiaomi Mi9 ...


And although it may seem obsolete to talk about Walkie Talkies in 2019, in truth there are many applications and situations where the immediacy of ...


The Xiaomi family of "True Wireless" Bluetooth headsets is expanding with the arrival of the new super cheap model, the Redmi Airdots (thank you ...


Update: Enter the discount code valid for the whole 2019 We are pleased to announce an online store purely dedicated to the Xiaomi, Meizu, Leeco, ...

Update - 2019.5.8Update: Added valid discount code for all 2019

Like scooters and bicycles, even skateboards have received a wave of technology that has brought them back into the spotlight of the general public, ...


"All good things must come to an end" says a famous proverb that adapts to the news like never before: The international MIUI Forum, the one that has strata ...


After almost 5 years of presence in the online market and beyond 40 millions of customers, GearBest.com changes graphics with a new logo that reflects the new mission ...


The Redmi Note 7 has immediately received great reviews and good reviews for both the design and the excellent camera, and yet has always suffered the specter ...


Yesterday, the day Xiaomi Mi 9 made its debut, it also coincided with the presentation of Samsung's new flagships. Price apart, the new Series ...


The presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 9 has just ended, in which much of the "unofficial" information has been confirmed. In truth, not everything has been ...

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Fresh fresh, just arrived, I leave you a nice flash salt to buy the at this bargain price, also considering that it includes shipping ...

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It is with great satisfaction that we announce the continuation of the partnership with the online store GeekMall purely dedicated to the Chinese brands, from the most ...

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After over a year of rumors, renders and speculations of all kinds, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook is finally reality and also affordable from Italy! But it is not ...


We have witnessed the debut of Xiaomi in the world of "True Wireless" with AirDots but they have not convinced and have created even more Hype for the new ...

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I will start this review from the end: Buy it, it's amazing! The walking pad, or the Xiaomi treadmill, gets loved immediately after having it ...

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Xiaomi Mi A3
5 days ago

Xiaomi Mi A3

Lo Xiaomi Mi A3 it's a home Android smartphone Xiaomi with a particularity: ...

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Xiaomi Mi 9T
2 months August

Xiaomi Mi 9T

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Redmi K20 by Xiaomi
2 months August

Redmi K20 by Xiaomi

Il Redmi K2O is a smartphone Android home Redmi, among the first ...

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Xiaomi Mi 9
5 months August

Xiaomi Mi 9

The Xiaomi My 9 is the smartphone of the most powerful and complete brand, released at the end of February 2019, thanks ...

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
9 months August

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Lo Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is an Android smartphone released in the 2018 and like its predecessor was one of the most representative models ...
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Xiaomi Mi 8
10 months August

Xiaomi Mi 8

The Xiaomi My 8 is one of the most advanced and complete Android smartphones released in 2018 thanks to ...

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  1. Try this NOW
    🔥 Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to 13.47 €
    💰 Discount Code: miband97
    Here ➡️ https://xiaomi.today/2wIFEE5
    ✈ Free Standard Shipping

  2. 1. You will probably have chosen a different shipment than recommended. Which one did you select?
    2. If it were like you say, here you would find hundreds of comments like yours. Instead it is the only one.
    2. Moderate tones.

  3. The first and inimitable ... a real innovation!

  4. Top

  5. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 17 July 2019 at 6: 21

    It is sufficient to extract them, possibly the right one first.

  6. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 20 June 2019 at 12: 02

    Hi Fabio, write to [Email protected] attaching order number and ticket number. Let's see if we can help you by soliciting the question.

  7. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 20 June 2019 at 6: 41

    Points of view ... there is more choice from 😆
    And I don't agree on prices either. The Redmi 6 and 7 were always just above the 100 € (the 6 even below). And today you can take a Redmi Note 7 4 / 64gb to 165 € .. space!

  8. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 12 June 2019 at 5: 53

    Just a Pinch (pinch) with two fingers on the Home. The "widget" section should appear below

  9. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 3 June 2019 at 22: 17

    Thanks Maurizio for the clarification, I will add it to the review

  10. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 29 May 2019 at 6: 59

    Thank you! They are the best compliments you could make me!
    I'm a user like you, not always professional and set but certainly "genuine" 😆

  11. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 28 May 2019 at 6: 20

    Hi Marco, I went to comb through the official technical data sheets, which I had obviously done before.
    And actually I found at the bottom, written small, the confirmation that I am IPX4 eaMea Culpa I will correct the misprint, thanks.
    Regarding instead to the Active Noise Canceling (ANC) I confirm that it is only used by PROs and is different from the DSP used on Redmi because it uses an additional microphone that captures ambient noise and generates a "negative" noise that can cancel them.

  12. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 19 May 2019 at 7: 20


  13. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 19 May 2019 at 7: 18

    Yes we actually expected to see it first but the rumors have also calmed down a bit.
    However I have an idea that it will come by force before the summer

  14. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 19 May 2019 at 7: 17


  15. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 19 May 2019 at 7: 16

    We too are exhausted

  16. Absolutely not
    We have already received many reports

  17. Your advice is valuable and you will be happy to know that some news is in the pipeline

  18. You are not the first one I talk to who has "stopped" at the Mi5 just because of the size and that thanks to the Mi9 SE is back to hope.
    Let's face it ... it's time to make the move!

  19. Usually enough time passes before it is available to importers. Follow us because you are sure we will let you know with some offers

  20. There is no Global version (and perhaps never will exist). It is China version without 20 band

  21. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 7 April 2019 at 17: 49

    From the camera settings, remove "device logo"

  22. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 6 April 2019 at 3: 28

    You must apply the discount code to take advantage of the offer.
    Priority line shipping or those we suggest duties are paid by the sender

  23. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 11 March 2019 at 7: 54

    The last offer was on the € 382, already more reasonable 😅

  24. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 11 March 2019 at 7: 47

    Here we always put the updated offers: https://www.xiaomitoday.it/codice-sconto-xiaomi-youpin-walking-pad-a-con-spedizione-prioritaria-gratuita.html
    The last coupon was 8 March but went away immediately despite 200 usage. Follow us on telegra or on that page because in the week surely we will put others

  25. I did not have these problems but I imagine it is a subjective question that also depends on the anatomy of one's ear. However, I agree that the nozzle is unnecessarily large, in fact in the EP52 there are also spare parts without nozzle.

  26. Except for surprises, no

  27. IP68 I do without it, but I understand it is subjective. The audio is stereo, but the headset is used as a secondary audio (I have now added a slide in the GAME TURBO section).
    Instead of optical stabilization, if it were, I would be sorry enough but from the review and the videos that there are du DXOMARK the stabilization, optical or not, behaves very well and received a score of 92.

  28. Yes, but it needs an additional module that is not available here. It will be in the 3S Mix

  29. Do not take it with me! For global prices, the global presentation will have to wait.
    However, I correct myself there is a difference in the camera:
    Sony IMX586 from 48 mega-pixel has a focal aperture of f / 1.47, with 7P lenses instead of the f / 1.75 aperture and 6 9P lenses

  30. There are no other details, in addition to the price (which I put) 524 €

  31. No. We will see the 24 what they will say.

  32. Imagine! Unfortunately, in the rush to follow the live in Chinese and immediately update you, something is lost.
    We are reorganizing and adding the missing details.

  33. It has not been mentioned, so we can exclude it.

  34. Certainly

  35. Who knows 😅Probably it's too old

  36. Global prices are completely hypothetical for now ... it makes no sense to talk about it!

  37. At point 3 of the Guide, choose the menu item MC instead of "Custom MC". You'll find listed the original firmware

  38. For now, but I know that Christopher is working on the possibility of doing it via bluetooth

  39. It's a very strange thing because the refunds ALWAYS arrive in 24 / 48 hours ... something must have happened.
    Send everything you can to [Email protected] let's see to help you

  40. Surely before you try other flashes you must ensure that there are no hardware problems

  41. Just click on "SHOW CODE DISCOUNT"

  42. What do you mean? Explain better ...
    In case of non-availability or delay in the stock, just open a ticket and it is the same assistance to propose the options wait or refund.

  43. It seems clear to me that something in the flash has not been successful, it can not be a coincidence.
    Unfortunately I can not help you except by pointing out that there is a procedure to reflect the ROM via a physical cable, but you have to do some research.

    I'm sorry

  44. But apart from the display, does the bike work?
    Did you flash some modified firmware?

  45. So there is little to do, no you can use the Mi Mover 🙁

  46. I do not know what you mean. A discount is a discount ...

  47. Unfortunately, no skip and no equalizer, but this happens to me with all the bluetooth headphones tested

  48. No duty go quiet

  49. In what way do not you work anymore?

  50. Good!

  51. I tested in a room with a TV at max volume and the noise canceling

  52. Did you try to change China to the app setting?

  53. Menomale 😅

  54. So on two feet and without being able to fiddle, nothing comes to mind. Maybe it's connected to another phone .... have you made attempts with another device? The connection light on startup flashes?

  55. No, change only the performance parameters. The rest remains the same

  56. Account for about a month and a half. Unfortunately it arrives by rail in Germany and then from there with UPS. Arriving arrived, but you have to be patient.

  57. They tell us that someone has succeeded ... pochisssssime units probably were available

  58. Yes, it has the engine

  59. A user who thinks and is technically able to make a downgrade, is also aware of what he does, any problems and how to solve them.
    It remains that the phone is mine and I must be able to install what I want, within the bounds of legality of course.
    In general, however, I consider the annoying anti-rollback but not a real problem

  60. It depends. The treadmill itself is silent, it is the steps that make noise.
    I have home on 2 floors and I have verified that it begins to "bother" above the 4km / h

  61. Oh yes, at present the Redmi Note 6 is convenient

  62. You're right, on the site you will not find it mentioned but it is so and you can see from the fact that you will not find a single comment (here or on social media) that reports problems.
    You've probably never bought from GearBest, but it's like that!

  63. Some shipments (Priority Line, Italy registered) provide "upstream" agreements by the sender with the courier and arrive at destination without additional costs regardless of the courier.

  64. No, you're right, as they're slipping. This is due to the number of phones still supported which is constantly increasing.
    It then happens that often the releases, as public BETA, require further verification. All the better this way.

  65. You are right! Let's say that the various technologies that have emerged in recent times have allowed to limit the size despite the larger displays. And anyway, even Apple goes in that direction ...

  66. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 11 June 2018 at 6: 02

    It was a typo that we thought we had already corrected. Thanks for the report.

  67. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 9 June 2018 at 19: 25

    Yes, even that Explorer! The SE will be the only one without 20 Band and therefore only available via unofficial import.

  68. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 9 June 2018 at 19: 24

    Yes, I understood that, but exactly WHAT problem? Do you make mistakes? Can not pay? Do not you understand how the site works? Explain yourself better!

    PS Sorry for the delay in the reply

  69. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 9 June 2018 at 19: 22

    In truth it is not yet known whether it will be available

  70. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 1 June 2018 at 13: 21

    Yes, of course, personally tested

  71. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 18 May 2018 at 19: 42

    Android only

  72. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 4 May 2018 at 20: 21

    Just create a new account

  73. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 1 May 2018 at 11: 36

    What do you mean? The system works perfectly! What product does this make you like? Put the link

  74. Mamy taką nadzieję!

  75. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 1 April 2018 at 22: 29

    Yes ItalyExpress you find it under PriorityLine but you only see it later in the cart

  76. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 1 April 2018 at 21: 06

    This is not a forum, nor a service. This is the space reserved for the comments of the article where we try to help you anyway. Obviously it's Easter ... for us too! Happy Easter!

  77. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 1 April 2018 at 21: 04

    Hello, posts with links are automatically put on stand by. We have just approved it.

  78. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 21 March 2018 at 6: 05

    Azerbaijan Registered is OK, remember not to place accented letters or symbols in the address.
    There's also the ItalyExpress at 3.9 ... Comes in a third of the time!

  79. Keeping the central button pressed, obviously make sure they are loaded

  80. No

  81. It's always a matter of tastes, certainly with Global you have less flaws

  82. Yes, many are getting it!

  83. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 21 June 2017 at 10: 14


  84. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 30 May 2017 at 11: 48

    Obviously if the display turned on at every notification, the battery would last a third. Anyway, it costs less than $ 100 and I do not know how you paid it so much

  85. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 17 May 2017 at 11: 41

    It has already been done for some time

  86. Leave your address at the bottom of the page "Our Best Email Offers"

  87. Unfortunately it is a bid a few days ago and it has stolen

  88. Are you sure the version number has 5 digits?

  89. Reply
    Simone Rodriguez 7 June 2016 at 17: 50

    For days we start with an offer to 477 € shipping and accessories included. Stay close!

  90. We talk about the year (Chinese) new, so in February!

  91. But thanks to you!

  92. Thank you!
    You can always install MEGA's app is free, lightweight and without contraindications!

  93. Actually with MIUI I open the Mega app. With the desktop no problem.

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