Discover the freedom of electric mobility: great offers on Geekmall

With the arrival of spring, it's the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful weather and nature, and there's no better way to do so than with Geekmall's electric bicycles and scooters. Take advantage of our special offers during the outdoor sale of electric mobility vehicles, valid from 10 to 23 April.

Unmissable Offers with Exclusive Coupons:

  • For purchases of at least €200, use the coupon “20Pedal15” and save €15.
  • For purchases of at least €500, use the coupon “50Pedal30” and save €30.
  • For purchases of at least €700, use the coupon “70Pedal40” and save €40.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore our selected range of promotional products:

Electric bicycle Halo Knight H03

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Il Halo Knight H03 it's not just a means of transport, it's a revolution in urban mobility. This electric scooter is equipped with a powerful motor that guarantees high performance and a smooth ride, even on the most demanding routes. The rugged design, combined with cutting-edge safety features, makes the Halo Knight H03 a reliable companion for your urban adventures or trips out of town.

The ideal companion for your urban or out-of-town adventures. With an online price of €1299, you can take it home at the special price of €1149 using the discount code "wRtgd5k4".
Find out more about the Halo Knight H03

Electric bicycle Myatu M0126

Myatu M0126

La Myatu M0126 it is the perfect solution for those looking for an ecological and practical means of transport. This electric bicycle combines the comfort of a traditional bicycle with the support of an electric motor, allowing you to travel long distances effortlessly. Ideal for commuting or pleasant rides in the countryside, the Myatu M0126 offers a pleasant and accessible driving experience for everyone.

Perfect for daily commutes or a walk in the park, this bicycle it is available at the price of €529, reduced to €479 with the code “8LG68LEL”.
Explore the Myatu M0126

Electric Scooter JOYOR S10-S


The electric scooter JOYOR S10-S it is designed for those who want to travel with style and efficiency. With an elegant and modern design, this scooter offers excellent autonomy and superior performance, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. It is the ideal option for moving quickly around the city, avoiding traffic and reducing environmental impact.

Optimize your travels with style and comfort. With an original price of €839, now available for only €799 with the code "70Pedal40".
Look at the JOYOR S10-S

Make your journeys more eco-friendly, efficient and fun with our exclusive offers. This is your chance to take a step towards more sustainable and convenient mobility. Visit Geekmall and choose the model that's right for you!

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Don't wait, the offers are valid until April 23rd. Explore the world of electric mobility with Geekmall and transform the way you move!

Simone Rodriguez
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