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BOOX Note Air3 is the new e-Ink notebook for maximum productivity

ONYX International announces the launch of the BOOX Note Air3, the latest addition to its eNote lineup. This monochrome E Ink device is designed to optimize concentration and make note-taking more efficient. Available in two variants, the Note Air3 and the Note Air3 C, users they can choose between monochrome or color display. The Note Air3 features a 10,3-inch E Ink Carta 1200 screen with a resolution of 227 PPI, aimed at providing clear reading and minimizing visual fatigue thanks to its color-distracting display. Additionally, it supports 17 ebook formats, making it easy to access a wide range of reading materials.

BOOX Note Air3

Modern design and paper-like experience

Similar to the other products in the Note range, the BOOX Note Air3 integrates a film that imitates paper, offering an experience of writing similar to that of pen on paper. Enriched with advanced note-taking features, the device allows quick searches through notes, transforms handwritten notes into editable text thanks to artificial intelligence and integrates seamlessly with files and websites for quick reference. The slim design and elegant aluminum chassis ensure convenience and refinement, keeping the device light and comfortable for extended use.

The BOOX Note Air3 elevates the digital note-taking experience with its advanced eReader technology, promoting concentration and efficiency. With the updated firmware, it includes the Smart Scribe function that improves note taking, allowing precise annotations, highlighting and simple deletions. Running Android 12, users have access to a wide variety of reading and note-taking apps, plus the ease of file management via BOOXDrop and Onyx Cloud, with 10GB of free cloud storage for all users. users.

BOOX Note Air3

Price and availability

Available at price of €449, the BOOX Note Air3 is sold on the official store and on Amazon, including the Pen Plus stylus and, exclusively on the official store, a free magnetic case. ONYX BOOX is committed to supporting its devices with free software updates for at least three years after launch, ensuring continuous improvement of the user experience.

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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