Robot vacuums/washes floors, which one to choose: sonic vibration mopping or rotating mopping?

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With the technological development of robots vacuum/mop floors, route planning changed from no navigation to visual navigation, LDS navigation, suction power from 1000Pa to 6000Pa. The cleaning mode has gone from suction only to the double suction + floor washing mode, until you have the two functions at the same time with incredible cleaning results.

To achieve better floor washing performance, we have seen solutions arrive with sonic vibrating mop as in Roborock and rotary mopping solutions as in Dreame, Ecovacs and Xiaomi. What is a vibrating mop? What is rotary mopping? Which to choose to choose?

spinning mops vs vibrating mops

What is Sonic Vibration Cleaning? What about spinning mops?

Searching for relevant information, we came to the following conclusions:

Il vibrating mop or even sonic flat liftable vibrating mop. It works on the principle that the robot's built-in vibration device vibrates the mopping cloth rapidly, loosening, shaking off the dust and dirt from the floor. During washing, the vibrating cloth can be raised and lowered to simulate a repeated hand action through high-frequency vibration with adding downward pressure, that it can "rub" on the stains stubborn stains and "scrape" them away, with evident effects on the removal of the most difficult stains. The vibrating mop can reach ahigh frequency of 3000 vibrations per minute.

Il spinning mop works on the principle of friction: the motor drives the rotating cloth to create friction on the floor. The two circular cloths are swung inward to clean the floor, thus removing dust and cleaning the floor with repeated passes without stopping. Currently, almost all manufacturers that use rotary mops for cleaning generally rotate their mops at a frequency of 180 times per minute.

What is the difference between a vibrating mop and a rotating cleaning mop?

Since both types of robots use the principle of repeated cleaning, what is the difference between them? We analyzed the two technologies in terms of cleaning power and efficiency and found that they work differently, but that both allow you to clean efficiently.

The cloth vibrant which repeatedly cleans the floor with 3.000 ultrasonic vibrations per minute and a downward pressure of about 600g, which makes the cloth adhere very well to the floor and effectively disintegrates stains by scraping them off. The way of cleaning the floor is similar to the manual one, with an alternating movement, back and forth, to clean the floor more cleanly and thoroughly. Many users in different contexts have found performance very similar to manual ones!

The cleaning method with cloths rotary, used in the Xiaomi and Dreame, cleans the floor with downward pressure while the double discs rotate at a high speed of 180rpm to effectively clean the floor. The advantage of the rotary mop is that the circular double disc has a larger cleaning area and a larger contact area with the floor, which in turn leads to high cleaning efficiency. The amplitude of the cleaning action is greater and allows stubborn stains on the floor to be removed more easily; The ability to absorb is also greater, it lingers longer on the stain and the long pile structure of the rotating mop allows it to "capture the dirt" and not drag it everywhere.

What is the difference between a vibrating mop and a spinning mop in regards to self-cleaning?

In addition to a thorough floor cleaning, it is also essential the self-cleaning function internal, as well as the self-cleaning capacity of the mops themselves and the self-cleaning capacity of the base station. The base station is in fact a point where dirt accumulates even more and is easily generated the proliferation of bacteria and bad smells. If the Base Station is not cleaned regularly, dust and dirt can affect the normal functioning of the robot and even the charging function.

The vibration cleaning method, represented by Roborock, uses a vibration system + double squeegee bar + cleaning brush, which not only deeply cleans the mop, but also the base station.

Il mop is cleaned more thoroughly: Innovative double squeegee design + unique VibraRise vibration system achieve manual cleaning effect by double mop cleaning system. The right and left movement of the base station's scraper bar repeatedly scrapes the mop, so that the dirt from the mop can be easily removed. Then, thanks to the built-in automatic cleaning brush that adapts to the surface of the mop every minute and rotates at high speed, the double scrape and double friction clean the mop stains, and then with the high-speed vibration of the mop, the stains are shaken off and you get a triple cleaning of the mop to thoroughly clean mop stains.

In addition to the self-cleaning mop, the base station can also be self-cleaning thanks to the unique VibraRise vibration system and double squeegee design that adapts to the base station. The rubber squeegee scrape off the slurry and some solid dirt from left to right in the tray, allowing the base station to be cleaned automatically. So you don't have to clean the base station yourself!

After cleaning the mop and base station, the 45°C hot air drying technology is activated to dry the mop and base station sink so that the base station can never harbor dirt, thus preventing growth of bacteria and odors.

When the rotary mop is self-cleaning, the mop cleans itself by rotating the mop by mutual friction with the cleaning station, using centrifugal force and friction to achieve self-cleaning of the mop, which saves a lot of time by eliminating the need for manual cleaning. However, due to the internal design of the structure, the rubbing surface on the cloth is static and cannot completely scrape the mop when cleaning, nor can it remove all the residues in the base station where water is sent without real cleaning action. rubbing. In addition, the spinning process can also throw stains on the machine body.


A comparison of the vibration cleaning method and the rotary cleaning method shows that both work differently, but both allow you to clean floors effectively and they are of great help for our daily life.

However, compared to the rotary method, the vibration method has a more powerful self-cleaning function: the cloth cleans itself more efficiently and thoroughly. Furthermore, the self-cleaning of the base station itself is improved and guarantees higher hygiene.

Ultimately, vibrating mop robots like the Roborock S7 Max Ultra and rotary sweepers are masterpieces of modern cleaning technology that bring convenience to our daily life, and whichever mode you choose, they will be much more efficient than the manual way of cleaning!

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