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Netflix raises prices again in Europe

Netflix has announced further price increases for subscriptions in Europe. In the future the streaming service will charge up to 20 € per month for films and series in 4K HDR. Costs for standard subscriptions are also increasing. Will it soon become more expensive for customers in Italy? For the moment it seems that this news only concerns the France. But after her, the first country in Europe, perhaps we too will have a price increase.

Netflix increases prices in Europe: after France will it be Italy's turn?

In recent months, all it took was a look at Netflix prices in Ireland to realize that the end of the road has not yet been reached. Now the streaming service is raising prices in other European countries. Especially the price increase in France offers perspective on what i Italian customers will have to expect in the future.

Depending on the subscription chosen, Netflix increases the monthly fee by up to three euros. From now on our neighbors will make you pay 19,99 € for the premium subscription e 13,49 € for the standard subscription. The basic subscription, which will be eliminated in the long term, will be increased to 10,99 € per month, while Netflix charges 5,99 € for ad-supported streaming.

New Netflix prices for Europe

PianoPrice NewPrevious Price
With advertising5,99 €4,99 €
Basic10,99 €7,99 €
Standard13,49 €12,99 €
Premium19,99 €17,99 €

At the same time they are increased prices for additional members. Separate subaccounts for family and friends outside your household are necessary to avoid the ban Netflix account sharing, which has been in effect for several months. With the previous price list, each additional member had to pay an additional fee of €4,99 per month, now the price is increased to €5,99. So an increase from all points of view.

That said, Italy is safe for the moment. There are no official announcements yet but we expect that, as has happened in the past, there will be within the year.


Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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