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Amazon will deliver faster thanks to AI: here's how

Those who use Amazon Prime will no doubt know how convenient it is fast delivery. Those who also live in larger centers such as Rome and Milan will have been able to enjoy same-day delivery. According to revealed da Stefano Perego, vice president of customer service and global operational services for North America and Europe, the goal that the giant wants to achieve is the fast delivery for all users thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

Amazon focuses on using AI to speed up deliveries by minimizing the distance between its products and customers

Amazon will use artificial intelligence to minimize the distance from the product to the customer, highlighting its impact on shipping, product research and inventory. Speaking to CNBC, the company's VP said AI plays a role in many aspects of Amazon's operations. This includes the use of AI for transportation, such as the mapping , planning of the percorso, and consideration of factors such as weather conditions. In addition, AI helps customers find the desired products when searching e-commerce.

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Amazon is currently prioritizing AI to optimize its inventory. Perego highlighted the importance of positioning inventory as a crucial area to reduce the cost of providing services:

Imagine how complex the problem is deciding where to put that inventory unit. And position it to shorten the distance to serve customers and increase delivery speed

Amazon is therefore prioritizing its iregionalization initiative, which aims to deliver products to customers from nearby warehouses rather than distant locations. However, achieving this goal requires advanced technology to analyze data and models to anticipate product demand and determine optimal inventory placement.

Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in realizing this goal. By strategically placing products closer to customers, Amazon can facilitate same-day or next-day deliveries, similar to its Prime membership service. According to Perego, the company's efforts to do so have been successful, with more than 74 percent of customer orders in the United States fulfilled by nearby distribution centers.


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