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Amazon presents Rufus, a virtual assistant equipped with generative AI that changes the way you shop online

Amazon recently unveiled Rufus, a virtual shopping assistant powered by generative artificial intelligence, capable of transforming the way customers interact with the vast range of products available on the company's e-commerce site. This assistant makes the operation of products not only more efficient but also more intuitive, thanks to the ability to answer specific questions, offer comparisons and suggest purchases based on the context of the conversation.

Amazon Rufus: what it is and how it works

Amazon Rufus is a generative AI-powered virtual assistant, trained to browse Amazon's extensive product catalog, as well as information from around the web, to answer customer questions, provide comparisons e recommendations customized.

The launch of Rufus marks yet another step by Amazon in the field ofintelligence artificial generative, a journey that began more than 25 years ago. AI technology has already made the shopping experience on Amazon more personal, optimizing distribution center pickup routes, drone deliveries, Alexa conversational skills and much more.

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Rufus presents himself as an expert assistant capable of guiding customers through the vastness of Amazon's offering, answering specific product questions and offering advice based on the context of the requests. Whether it's understanding what to consider when purchasing running shoes or distinguishing between different types of products, Rufus can make it easy to discover the best items.

Amazon Rufus currently available in beta version for a limited number of users in States United, through Amazon's mobile app, with plans to roll out to all U.S. customers in the coming weeks.

Rufus not only facilitates general product searches but also allows customers to search based on specific occasions or purposes, compare product categories and receive personalized recommendations. This assistance extends also to the detailed product pages, where Rufus can provide quick answers on specific features, based on listing details, customer reviews, and community Q&A.

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