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Android 15 will bring a super useful feature from Samsung to all smartphones

Nowadays the smartphone has become a repository of data collected personal and sensitive. From this perspective, a function like Secure Folder Samsung It is really useful as it protects this data by locking it in a second account. Android Private Space will do the same thing, but on all smartphones with the green robot operating system, starting from the fifteenth version of the OS. Here are the details.

Android Private Space arrives: privacy is now safer than ever

The importance of privacy on mobile devices has never been more evident than today. Recognizing this growing need, Android introduces 'Private Space', a very useful feature that responds to the urgency of protect sensitive data stored on smartphones.

This new feature, emerged with the release of Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2, it represents a significant step in protecting digital privacy. 'Private Space' allows you to Hide your most sensitive apps in a separate, secure profile, away from the eyes of curious people. Creating a new Android profile of type "android.os.usertype.profile.PRIVATE” ties this safe space to the primary user, just like a work profile, but with a safety strengthened.

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The apps and notifications in this reserved space remain invisible and inaccessible when the profile is blocked. This means that even in the hands of others, your phone will not reveal your secrets. Configuration requires the use of usual security credentials – PIN, pattern, password or biometric data – offering an additional layer of protection.

The genius of 'Private Space' on Android is also in its discretion. Apps in the private profile are accessible directly from the application drawer, allowing a quick and suspicious access. Google is also testing access through the launcher's search bar, a further step to mask the existence of this restricted space.

While still in development, with some features to be perfected, Android's 'Private Space' promises to be a safe haven for your sensitive data. This news will be a breath of relief for Samsung users accustomed to the 'Secure Folder' by One UI, finally bringing a native privacy solution to Android.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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