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Will ChatGPT displace Google Assistant on Android? I'll explain why this won't be the case

The Android universe could soon welcome a new protagonist in the role of virtual assistant: Chat GPT. Recently, clues suggest that the application could become a viable one alternative to Google Assistant, bringing with it novelties and potential changes in the daily interaction of users with their devices. Based on distributed information da Android Authority, it would seem that OpenAI's chatbot will undermine Google's.

Will ChatGPT be the future virtual assistant on Android? Maybe, but it's unlikely

My opinion: No, ChatGPT will not replace Google Assistant on Android devices. The reason is simple: Google is investing hugely in Google Bard and indeed, it is doing everything it can to ensure that both the proprietary chatbot is the generative model Gemini are integrated into Google Assistant. So the news that is going around that some ChatGPT would become the default virtual assistant on Android is a big lie for me.

But having said that, for completeness of information let's see what he said AndroidAuthority. Analyzing the ChatGPT app in detail, we discover a new activity, called:


This function, still not fully active, it seems intended to support voice input, suggesting a user experience similar to that offered by Google Assistant. Despite the current state of incomplete functionality, it is clear that developers are working to make ChatGPT a default option, although there is still much to do to achieve this goal.

chat gpt open ai

Speculation about when and how ChatGPT might become the default assistant on Android is still at sea, with particular uncertainty surrounding any associated costs, such as a Plus subscription possible. However, it is certain that more details will be released in the coming years, better outlining the future role of ChatGPT in the Android ecosystem.

Interestingly, the idea of ​​third-party virtual assistants is nothing new to Android. Microsoft with Cortana and Amazon with Alexa have already explored this avenue, allowing users to choose assistants other than the default Google Assistant. These applications, once set as default, are capable of replace Google Assistant in different functions, such as activation via gestures or long presses on specific buttons on the device.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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