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ChatGPT: news from the Guarantor. That's when he will return to Italy

It was last March 31 when the Privacy Guarantor "imposed" a block to ChatGPT in Italy. OpenAI, in order to avoid legal problems, decided at that moment to close the service in our country. Fortunately, there are many ways to continue using the chatbot. These escape routes could no longer serve from next month. There are indeed news by the Italian Authority. Let's see why.

The Authority has given OpenAI until April 30 to comply with ChatGPT in Italy. That's when the service will return…maybe

OpenAI has received a provision from the Guarantor for the protection of personal data which imposes prescriptions regarding the adoption of concrete measures for transparency in the collection and processing of data from Italian users. In particular, by 30 April the company must prepare and make available a transparent information, accessible before completing the registration, which illustrates the basic methods and logics of the processing of data necessary for the functioning of ChatGPT, as well as i rights attributed to users.

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Furthermore, OpenAI will have to eliminate any reference to the execution of a contract and indicate, on the basis of the principle of accountability (it concerns knowing how to respond and account for the results obtained or what has been done regarding the processing of personal data), the consent or legitimate interest as a prerequisite for using such data. The company will also have to implement useful tools to allow interested parties to request the rectification of personal data and must allow non-users to exercise their right to object to the processing of their personal data. OpenAI will also have to submit an action plan by 31 May (but no later than 30 September) which provides for the implementation of a age verification system, able to exclude access to minors for whom parental consent is missing.

Finally, by 15 May the company will have to promote a information campaign on radio, television, newspapers and the web to inform people about the use of their personal data for the purpose of algorithm training. The Authority will continue to ascertain any violations of the regulations in force that may have been committed by the company and reserves the right to adopt any further or different measure that may be necessary at the conclusion of the formal investigation still in progress.

In conclusion: ChatGPT will return to Italy shortly, if OpenAI is able to do the above. But we ask ourselves: if on the one hand it is right that there is an age verification system and transparent information on the use of data, on the other it is correct that it is the company that carries out an information campaign on the aforementioned channels ?

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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