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Meizu event set for 2 June: presentation of the M2 Notes and four other smart products

During the past week some rumors have circulated according to which the Chinese company Meizu both about to present, to be exact the 2 June, the successor of his M1 Notes, that is to say, the Meizu M2 Notes.


These rumors seem to be confirmed by a recent teaser image released in recent days by the official social channels of Meizu, image advertising a launch event to be held on 2 June. A coincidence? I do not believe!

What is also very interesting is the fact that together with the teaser image above, some have been released four more which in a certain way suggest us four new products which will be presented during the event. Here are the images in question:

Meizu_smart_1-e1432288055512 Meizu_smart_2-e1432288086568 Meizu_smart_3-e1432288106333 Meizu_smart_4-e1432288130898

According to these teasers, a wifi routers, a SmartWatch, Powerbank and a portable fan.

Il Meizu M2 Notes it could therefore be accompanied by other smart gadgets, which one interests you more?


via | Sm @ rty

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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