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Google introduces an AI-powered hands-free mouse

You know Stephen Hawking who "typed" thanks to the movement of his eyes on a virtual keyboard? Well, Google has come up with a AI gaming mouse which allows you to do this and much more. The project was revealed on the occasion of Google I/O 2023, where the Google Pixel Fold and the Google Pixel 7a. Let's see the details together.

Google Project Gameface is the gaming mouse that is used without hands: one a bit like in the movies, we maneuver it thanks to facial gestures

Google continues to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence, demonstrating interesting applications and technologies. One of the research giant's latest developments was a project called Project Gameface, a gaming mouse with support for hands-free control equipped with AI. The controller is based on artificial intelligence and interaction with the "device" takes place thanks to the webcam. It scans the user's face, tracking head movements and facial expressions. And then the received data is converted into the movements of the characters in the game.

Gameface software allows you to customize key and mouse bindings for specific gestures, including smiling, looking away, or raising an eyebrow. For example, the opening of the mouth can be configured to click the left mouse button. At the same time, it is possible specify the intensity level of a particular gesture at which the configured command will work.

Project Gameface uses Google's open source MediaPipe, which combines various AI models. Google's artificial intelligence specialist Lawrence Moroni notes that the result of the work of AI is a grid of 468 points on the face, which are then converted into telemetry, such as mouse movement or clicks.

Project Gameface is a promising new technology that has the potential to make games more accessible. The code is open source and available in preview today. The tool is still under development but if you are a developer you can contribute, improve or use this technology through the GitHub repository.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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