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The Mi4c will have an infrared port!

Guys, rumors about the Xiaomi Mi4c they continue to follow each other insistently, not strange because they should miss a few days to the presumed submission date. Today we add a new piece that completes the general framework of the technical specifications that will most likely characterize it Xiaomi Mi4c. Which? Read on and you'll find out!

The Xiaomi Mi4c will have an infrared port, but not for connectivity!

Xiaomi Mi4c

For those who had lost all our previous articles Xiaomi Mi4c is the variant intended for the Chinese market of Xiaomi Mi4i, the first smartphone of the Chinese company designed exclusively for a foreign market, the Indian one for precision. The Mi4c, now it is established, faithfully reproduces the design of the aforementioned Mi4i; it is in the hardware sector that this device has undergone a substantial update. In fact, from what has been leaked from the TENAA database, the Chinese government agency that deals with the homologation of smartphones, the Mi4c it should be equipped with the powerful processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, a chip hexa-core a 64-bit operating at the maximum frequency of 1.8 GHz. RAM, as in Mi4i should be 2 GB but it can not be ruled out, given i recent rumors, a variant of the smartphone equipped with 3 GB of RAM. However, the upgrades are not limited exclusively to these aspects.


In agreement with the recent rumors coming from the social network Weibo in fact, the Xiaomi Mi4c, in addition to being equipped with a door USB Type-C (feature not present on Mi4i), will also be equipped with one infrared port. According to the author of the post on Weibo, this infrared port will not be used for connectivity functions or, at least, not exclusively for them. According to what has been stated in fact, the infrared technology that will be installed on the Mi4c will functionality dedicated purely to security. At the moment we do not know how Xiaomi He intends to use the infrared port for greater security, but if these voices were to be founded, it will not be long before we can find out. We remind you, in fact, that according to unofficial sources, the Xiaomi Mi4c the 24 September or, as suggested by others, the 22 should be presented.

What do you think guys? This Xiaomi Mi4c it is always more interesting!


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