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IUNI U3 points straight to the Xiaomi Mi4

Even today we return to talk about the highly anticipated and mysterious new top of the range from IUNI, the U3. According to the latest teaser image published, the new generation flagship of the Chinese company would have the intention of putting a spoke in the wheel of Xiaomi's new high-end, the Mi4.

With a new and bizarre image, IUNI wanted to affirm its main goal, that of hitting Xiaomi. “3> 4 ″ is what we read in the image, a quote that would leave no doubt, especially since the two numbers clearly have different fonts (the“ 4 ″ is the Xiaomi one). Although we also have doubts about the viability of the goal, IUNI seems determined.

The IUNI U3, remember it, will feature an 2K 5.5 diagonal XCTXX display in a standard 5 inch frame. Probably on board we will also find 3GB of RAM, metal frame and a high-performance processor, but it's not clear what's going to be: Snapdragon 801, Samsung Exynos 5430 8-core or the highly anticipated Mediatek MT6595?


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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