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Jpegli: New JPEG encoding library improves compression by 35%

Jpegli it is the latest frontier in image compression technology. It's not a product, but rather a coding library that allows you to improve the way you code images are encoded on the internet, with unprecedented efficiency and speed. So let's get ready to say goodbye to long waits for pages to load and welcome a new era of images more read e high quality.

What improves Jpegli

In today's digital age, the quickness e efficiency I'm all. That's where Jpegli comes into play, a cutting-edge JPEG encoding library that not only maintains a high compatibility with previous formats but it brings significant improvements to the table in terms of capacity and compression ratio. Imagine you can reduce image size by 35% while maintaining high levels of quality; with Jpegli, this is not only possible, but it is the new norm.

Speed ​​and compatibility

One of Jpegli's hallmarks is its ability to integrate effortlessly into existing workflows. Thanks to an encoding speed comparable to that of well-established solutions such as libjpeg-turbo e MozJPEG, web developers can adopt Jpegli without concerns about performance or memory usage compromises. Furthermore, the full interoperability of the encoder and decoder with the JPEG standard original ensures a smooth transition.

Superior image quality

Through the use of innovative techniques Jpegli elevates the visual quality of compressed images. These methods allow you to obtain more precise results and significantly reduce visible artifacts, guaranteeing sharper and more pleasing images to the eye.

Beyond 8 bits

While traditional solutions are limited to 8 bits per component, Jpegli pushes the boundary up to 10+ bits, eliminating annoying band artifacts in slow gradients. This innovation, realized in the original 8-bit formalism, renders images encoded with Jpegli completely compatible with viewers that only support 8 bit, while offering the benefits of greater dynamics.

Compression efficiency

In addition to superior quality, Jpegli stands out for its ability to compress images more effectively than traditional JPEG codecs. This not only saves bandwidth and storage space but also speeds up the loading of web pages.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

Passionate about code, languages ​​and languages, man-machine interfaces. All that is technological evolution is of interest to me. I try to divulge my passion with the utmost clarity, relying on reliable sources and not "on the first pass".


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