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LG will revolutionize smartphone cameras with Metalens

LG is one of the companies that are most involved in the production of screens. However, together with Samsung and Sony it goes to create a kind of triumvirate regarding the cameras for smartphones. Less often than the other two competitors, but she too has her hands in this area. From Korea news arrives which has a revolution in store thanks to metalens. Let's see what it is because this technology could really change the world.

Metalens is LG's new project that promises to reduce the weight and size of smartphone cameras by thousands of times

At the Nano Korea event, the company announced a new technology for the production of ultra-thin optics, provisionally called "Metalens". Unlike traditional analogues, the new development will significantly reduce the size of camera modules in a variety of industries, including those of smartphones.

Metalens from LG is an ultra-thin flat frame with nanoparticles scattered over it, which have the ability to change shape and focus light, like normal lenses. LG says it is working with research institutes to develop similar solutions that are 10.000 times thinner standard camera lenses.

lg metalens cameras for smartphones

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Kang Min Suk, CTO of LG Innotek, says:

Metalens has the potential to be applied not only in automobiles, but also in mobile products and cameras and micro cameras. LG Innotek is developing it as part of a collaboration between industry and academia, because it is difficult to do research on your own

In the future, the company's development can help smartphone manufacturers significantly reduce the thickness of camera modules by doing the sensors literally disappear. However, this is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future: the company has not yet even announced the approximate dates for the appearance of the first commercial samples of Metalens.

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