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Meizu Lipro LED Smart Sensor Light announced: LED light with light and gesture sensor

At the beginning of 2021, Meizu Technology released the first product of the Lipro Smart Home-Lipro Healthy Lighting series, which integrates the highest quality of the light source and an elegant industrial design, with the aim of offering users a lighting experience. complete and of high quality. In just 9 months, Lipro has successfully connected more than 100.000 families.

Meizu Lipro LED Smart Sensor Light announced: LED light with light and gesture sensor

At the launch conference held this afternoon where he launched the new series Meizu 18s, Meizu also released the Meizu Lipro LED Smart Light, a new generation of Lipro-branded intelligent sensor LED light. The light comes in three different sizes (300mm, 450mm, 550mm) that meet the lighting needs of multiple scenes.

Meizu Lipro smart sensor LED light is made of aluminum alloy and continues the body's customized light guide structure without interruption.

Its three built-in sensors detect the human body, light and darkness, and gestures with precision, respectively. Thanks to the addition of the gesture sensor, the Meizu Lipro light supports the gesture control function. The control requires no contact and you can easily control the brightness by simply moving your hand.

Finally, the LED light supports three modes: always on, off and automatic, which can be controlled by the side toggle switch. In automatic mode, the brightness is automatically detected and the lights turn off when people leave the line of sight.


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