MIUI 11.2: news coming soon for weather, animations and drums

It hasn't been long since we made you aware of the new features of MIUI 11.1, including the one in thegallery app of the devices Xiaomi. Currently, most users have received the update to the latest MIUI 11 release but despite the fact that very little time has passed, there is already talk of MIUI 12. Of course, time will pass before we get there, and in the meantime the team of developers delights us with new features which will be implemented in the next build of the custom skin, that is MIUI 11.2. Thanks to our sources, we learned of some upcoming news regarding the weather, animations and battery. Let's see in detail what it is.

MIUI 11.2: news coming soon for weather, animations and drums

Version 11.1 begins to be seen on some models and while many are waiting for it we have a small preview of the next build. The first concerns the dafault weather app that we find on Xiaomi and Redmi devices. The update will concern the functional side rather than the aesthetic one, unlike what was announced by the source. The screen that reflects the current weather will remain but the multi-city display mode will change as well as the display of the weather forecast, going from 5 to 15 days.

The second change will concern the animations, especially those related to gestures. Approaching the Android 10 standard, MIUI 11.2 will show us one bar at the bottom when full-screen gestures will be used. Surely this bar will not be appreciated by some but we know that now we will get closer and closer to other standards. In addition to this they have been optimized the animations of the opening of the app, made more fluid thanks to MIUI optimization.

Finally, there will also be a change regarding the battery. No, the autonomy of the cells will not be improved but only the design will change of the window that will appear when it reaches a residual charge of 20%. We can see it in photos.

miui 11.2 battery


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not ready yet

And when will they extend AOD notifications to all third-party apps? I think there are much more important things.

Walter Bonazzi
not ready yet
Walter Bonazzi

All unimportant things. When will they create a nice launcher? There is a tide to copy, theirs is bad and impractical

Paul The Rock
not ready yet
Paul The Rock

Instead, I find it better than the others precisely because it does not have a drawer ... however if you want a launcher always tied to Xiaomi you can try POCO Launcher.

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