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No Xiaomi Mi5 in the next presentation event

Yesterday we announced that the next 19 October Chinese giant Xiaomi will hold a presentation conference Xiaomi will hold a presentation event on October 19 |. What was our and your first thought about reading the news? The Xiaomi Mi5. Well, what did the co-founder Lin Bin say just a few hours ago? That Xiaomi Mi5 will not be present at this event.

The presentation of Xiaomi Mi5 seems to have been running for a long time but it can never come. Unfortunately, Lin Bin, on Weibo's post, announcing this news, did not give us a concrete clue as to what will be presented but revealed to us that it will have to do with a camera.

From this we can understand that at the presentation event of the 19 October there will be no smartwatches, laptops, IoT devices, routers and various accessories. The only products still "in contention" to be presented are the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and Xiaomi Mi Note 2, even if in the last case there was talk of the 5 November as the date of the presentation Xiaomi Mi Notes 2 will be presented on November 5? |.

Looking forward to learning more (despite missing poco, surely something new will appear on the net), we want to remind you that the project for the development of the Mi Laptop involved the hiring of a former Lenovo executive | Xiaomi assumes a former Lenovo executive for the Mi Laptop project |.


via | Xiaomi Fans Italia

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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