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OnePlus 9 Pro: everything you need to know about cameras

OnePlus 9 Pro is making itself known to the public for its fantastic hardware equipment in terms of camera. The company has made great strides this year thanks to the collaboration with Hallselblad and has brought his name to the top, among the best camera phones. But what is really hidden behind this photographic module? Without a doubt the custom sensor Sony IMX789 da 48 megapixel helped in the enterprise. But there is also more.

All the secrets of the cameras of the OnePlus 9 Pro: the collaboration with Hasselblad is just the tip of the iceberg, but underneath there is more, much more

As the company itself says, when we see the specifications of OnePlus 9 Pro we focus on the numbers. But underneath there is much more and in fact the attention of the brand wants to dwell here on the work of all the engineers who photo form king of this year. The research of the developers lasted two years and produced what is currently the best photographic sector in the smartphone scene.

oneplus 9 pro all camera secrets

The further we go, the more we see larger photo sensors. Think of the SamsungGN2 which at the moment is the largest ever. But what really matters is not the size of a sensor, but the capabilities. With the creation of the Sony IMX789 48 megapixel OnePlus 9 Pro did not want to break the record, but to create a perfect balance between performance and optic size.

How does the Sony IMX789 work and how is it made?

Let's start with the numbers. The main sensor of this smartphone is great 1 / 1.35 " and presents (on paper) a resolution of 52 megapixel which in reality turn into 48 megapixels. It is clearly not the real resolution since thanks to the technology Quad Bayer you get the effect and resolution of a 12 megapixel with 48 megapixels.

oneplus 9 pro all camera secrets

But the OnePlus 9 Pro isn't unique to this Sony sensor alone. There are also other peculiarities such as the 2 × 2 OCL technology: thanks to this, every single pixel can be used to focus the image. We also find format support 12-bit RAW as well as 4K video recording at 120 fps with DOL-HDR (Digital Overlap High Dynamic Range). Specifically, this abbreviation means that the camera can shoot both in shorter than long exposures, then adding everything in a single photograph with a greater dynamic range (totality of colors).

Hardware only on OnePlus 9 Pro? No, the software also has its part

It's not all about a photo sensor, despite everything. The major work, even if it doesn't seem like it, was done on the side . In fact, the biggest challenge was to study one color calibration that could render the images in the best possible way. In this regard, the company recalls that it has released several OTA updates to continue to optimize the noise reduction, improve the automatic balance and HDR performance. 

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