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OnePlus wants to buy a HTC factory?

OnePlus, one of the most talked-about smartphone makers at this time, could buy, according to recent speculation, the production plant of HTC located in Shanghai. Why do you think so?


OnePlus wants to buy a HTC plant? Will it be true?

HTC, the Taiwanese giant of telephony, has long been in bad weather, always in red, hundreds of redundant employees and large closed establishments forever; the sale of its factory to Shanghai therefore, could help revive the fate of this very troubled company. Already companies like Xiaomi e Qihoo have tried on several occasions to grab this plant and now, apparently, it seems that we are also trying OnePlus.

In fact, as published by CEO of OnePlus on his Weibo profile, he seems to have headed for Taipei for a business trip. The beautiful thing is that in his post we can also find two photographs depicting the imposing home of HTC to Taiwan, which is a clue to who is the partner of the deal?


In your opinion, because all this interest in HTC, and in particular of its Shanghai plant? Well, the answer is more than logical! Taking advantage of the bad waters that sail the Taiwan giant, OnePlus, as well as other companies, could be able to afford at a very affordable price a factory that would ensure a high increase in production capacity.

You think OnePlus will succeed where companies like Xiaomi have they already failed? Of course it is OnePlus succeeding in its intent would make a blow! As mentioned above, it would be able to increase its production capacity and consequently to ensure greater availability of its products and to abandon once and for all the so hated invitation system. Let's see what he can combine OnePlus!

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