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GPT-5 will be there, but not so soon: the words of the CEO of OpenAI

Poco time ago we talked about GPT-5, the next version (let's assume) of OpenAI's generative module. We have said that it will be much closer to AGI than we now think, but its exit is not near. In fact, according to what was said by the CEO of OpenAI, the development of the artificial intelligence in question hasn't even begun. Let's see why.

Let's talk about GPT-5, the next ChatGPT update that OpenAI will have to launch. When it comes out? Not anytime soon according to the company's CEO

On the occasion of a event at MIT, the CEO and co-founder of OpenAI, Sam Altman, ha denied that the company is currently training GPT-5, as reported in an open letter calling on labs to halt development of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4. However, that doesn't mean that OpenAI isn't working to expand the capabilities of GPT-4, nor that it isn't addressing concerns about the security of future systems.

The challenge in AI security debate it's the difficulty of measuring and tracking progress, because the notion that numbered technology updates reflect definite, linear improvements in capabilities is flawed. This version number fallacy is also applied to OpenAI's language models, leading to hyperbole about AI superintelligence predictions and its rapid evolution.


instead, the focus should be on demonstrations of what these systems can and cannot do and predictions about how this could change over time. While OpenAI is not currently developing GPT-5, the company is still working towards expand the potential of GPT-4 and others in the industry are building similarly ambitious tools. There is also other work in progress to optimize GPT-4, and OpenAI may release an intermediate version as GPT-4.5 before moving on to the successor.

Even if world governments were able to impose a ban on new AI developments, however, the company has a lot to do with currently available systems and not fully understood, including GPT-4. So while the absence of GPT-5 may offer some consolation to those concerned about AI security, many important issues still remain to be addressed.

Through | The Verge


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