Xiaomi Deerma cleaner and Xiaomi Mijia Dispenser presented

We had anticipated it a couple of days ago and now it's a reality, at least on the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform. Let's talk about the new Deerma fabric cleaner, a device equipped with cutting-edge hardware for the industry and a battery for wireless use.

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The Xiaomi Deerma cleaner, born from the collaboration with a well-known home appliance, Delmar, is a cleaner that uses heat and an extractor to eliminate any kind of dirt you can hide on our beds, sofas etc ..

The Deerma is heated to a constant temperature of 55 degrees and with the help of a UV lamp it is able to dry sweat and other liquids present in the fabric.

Xiaomi Deerma

In addition to the UV lamp, the cleaner is assisted by a vibrating base that serves to shake the surface to be cleaned and let out any kind of dirt and even insects that can infiltrate the material. Then there is an LED light on the front that will help you see what comes on the surface thanks to the vibrations, so as to understand where to review the device.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Deerma cleaner is equipped with a battery that allows it to be used wirelessly. Just recharge it in the supplied base, and then use it wirelessly for at least 45 minutes thanks to the built-in 2500mAh battery.

Xiaomi Deerma

Finally, there are three modes of use: standard, strong and hot, with the last to be used in case you want to dry the fabric. The price of the cleaner is now 699 yuan (about 87 €) in China, we hope it will be available outside the country once the campaign is over.

Xiaomi Mijia Dispenser

If you are a maniac of cleanliness or you are really suffering from germophobia, Xiaomi has thought of you too. After using the Delmar cleaner you can also clean your hands with the new Xiaomi Mijia disinfectant foam dispenser.

The new accessory of the Chinese house is able to expel foam with a ratio between gas and liquid of 12: 1, this means having a density foam perfect to clean your hands in an optimal way, especially for children who may struggle to create it from only.

The dispenser also comes with a special disinfectant that includes a fragrance produced by a French company called LMR. The LMR deals with the production of perfumes and spices using completely natural ingredients, so we can expect a high quality disinfectant.

Xiaomi Mijia Dispenser

The most important detail, however, is another, the liquid inside the accessory also has an antibacterial component called PCMX that kills the most common and dangerous bacteria that surround us, such as Escherichia coli, staphylococcus and Candida albicans, with a success rate of 99.9%.

The Xiaomi Mijia dispenser has a capacity of 320ml (higher than the average of about 220-250ml) and an automatic foam release system thanks to a light sensor, also manages to create the foam in just 0,25 seconds.

The crowdfunding campaign sees the dispenser for sale at 69 Yuan only, which is about 9 euro. We sincerely hope you can find it in the various online resale sites when available !.

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