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Finally! YouTube will take over Shazam's core feature

YouTube is expanding and introducing more and more new features: one of the most interesting ones we talked about is the PiP mode. Among the features that will arrive in the future there is also another: the recognition of the Songs. YouTube therefore seems to gain the feature it has provided Shazam one of the most used apps to identify music tracks.

Recognizing songs on YouTube: here is the “Shazam” function

This option, initially available on Android, allows users to discover songs simply by singing, playing, or whistling the melody. This innovation uses artificial intelligence to match the recorded sounds to the original recording, offering an unprecedented user experience.

Accessing this function is simple: just tap the search icon in the top right corner of the app and select the new dedicated button, symbolizing improved accessibility and speed of use compared to the past. Some YouTube Music users on iOS already enjoy this feature, though is not yet available to everyone iPhones or Android devices.

Button used to recognize songs on YouTube
song recognition on youtube
Source | 9to5Google

Furthermore, the possibility of automatically save the results searches in a playlist, similar to what Spotify proposes, could represent a further step forward, avoiding being limited to simple search results for the name of the identified song. The option to display matches in percentage, as is done on Google Search, would add an additional level of detail and precision to your search.

This new addition to YouTube Music not only simplifies finding songs but reaffirms the connection between technology and music, giving users a more intuitive and immediate way to connect with the songs they love. Although some features are still in the implementation phase, the enthusiasm for these technological innovations is palpable, anticipating future developments that could further revolutionize the way we interact with digital music.

Some users can already use the feature while others haven't received it yet. This means that the release is happening gradually.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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