Released MIUI 10 8.9.6 Version Full Changelog

Good morning MIUIers of Italy, the updates this week are all dedicated to the resolution of small bugs, which apparently seem to be more and more present in the release ROMs, such as double notifications. In any case, the stable versions seem to gradually take shape and it is estimated that by the end of the month, at most mid-October.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global
Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global

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Please note: The update for Mi Pad 4 / 4 Plus is suspended due to the test for the release of MIUI 10. (China)

MIUI 10 China Developer ROM 8.9.6 Full Changelog


Optimization - Increased system security.

MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM 8.9.6 Full Changelog


Correct - The displayed notification can not be deleted.

Correct - Some app icons are not displayed in the notification panel. (Redmi Notes 5 Pro)

Correct - WhatsApp and Telegram show double notifications for individual messages (Mi 6)


Correct - In the new First Aid function the texts are translated incorrectly. (Redmi Notes 5)


CorrectPanorama mode does not work. (Redmi Notes 5)


CorrectPanorama mode does not work. (Redmi Notes 5)

Download links of the global MIUI 10 beta

redmi 3S
1286M Recovery
Fastboot 1500M

Redmi Notes 4 MTK
1417M Recovery
Fastboot 1685M

Redmi Notes 3 SD
1274M Recovery
Fastboot 1491M

Redmi Note 3 Special Edition
1131M Recovery
Fastboot 1348M

Redmi 4X
1319M Recovery
Fastboot 1792M

My 5s
1387M Recovery
Fastboot 1561M

I Max
1497M Recovery
Fastboot 1711M

Mi Max Prime
1498M Recovery
Fastboot 1712M

Mi 5s Plus
Recovery 1406M
Fastboot 1623M

Redmi 4A
Recovery 1324M
Fastboot 1807M

Redmi 5A
1290M Recovery
Fastboot 1980M

Redmi Notes 4 Qualcomm / Redmi Notes 4X
1518M Recovery
Fastboot 2002M

We are Max 2
1639M Recovery
Fastboot 2150M

Redmi Notes 5A / Redmi Y1 Lite
Recovery 1271M
Fastboot 1844M

Redmi Notes 5A Prime / Redmi Y1
1277M Recovery
Fastboot 1892M

redmi 5
1431M Recovery
Fastboot 2098M

Redmi 5 Plus
Recovery 1320M
Fastboot 2115M

My 6
1609M Recovery
Fastboot 2083M

Mi MIX 2
Recovery 1647M
Fastboot 2095M

My Notes 2
1480M Recovery
Fastboot 1699M

1469M Recovery
Fastboot 1645M

Redmi S2
1337M Recovery
Fastboot 2111M

Redmi Notes 5 / Redmi Notes 5 Pro
Fastboot 2543M

My 8
1639M Recovery
Fastboot 2483M

sources | Thread MIUI China / Thread MIUI Global

If you have any doubts about how the different branches of the MIUI ROM are organized, see our guide to versions of MIUI
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