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Here is who is leading the smartphone photo sensor market

The importance of photo sensors for smartphones it is always greater. We have seen how vivo Chinese companies, with their vivo X70, are focusing enormously on this sector. The attention is so great that there are who, how Oppo e Xiaomi, is producing your own ISP. But that said, which company has the most smartphone cameras sold? There are two suppliers on all but the market is well divided. Let's see the details.

This is the ranking drawn up with regard to the market of photo sensors for smartphones: Sony and Samsung are the leading companies

Analysts Yole Development (link at the end of the article) have published one ranking of the major suppliers of photo sensors for smartphones starting in 2021Sony it has become an industry leader, but, according to experts, the balance of power in the market may soon change. According to the report, Sony now controls 40% of the global mobile CMOS sensor market, 2% less than in 2019. Samsung Electronics is 22%, while Omnivision e STM Electronics they reached 12% and 6% respectively. At the same time, experts note that Samsung, which only entered the CMOS sensor market in 2002, continues to increase its influence.

here are the leading companies in the market of photo sensors for smartphones

The decline in sales of Sony products, according to analysts, is partly due to US sanctions against Huawei. At the same time, Samsung produces a considerable number of its own smartphones that use proprietary sensors. Representatives of the Japanese brand Sony note that they have managed to increase sales due to the increased demand for new smartphones during the pandemic.

Sony plans to cover at least 60% of the mobile photo sensor market by 2025. This could be facilitated by the opening of a new Fab 5 plant in Nagasaki, focused on the mass production of such products. However, Samsung it can also increase its influence by providing its own solutions not only for the smartphone market, but also for automotive systems. In particular, the seller already has a sensor ISOCELL Auto 4AC, which will be used in vehicle panoramic video surveillance systems.

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