What is the secret of Xiaomi's success? The young raw material

Despite 10 years and more of experience in the sector, we can safely say that Xiaomi is a young brand, indeed, Supergiovane citing a well-known Italian musical group. Not only are there always active and deeply knowledgeable figures in the tech world within the management, but also on the lower floors you can count on a ultra-trained staff with new ideas. And when it comes to new ideas how not to think about young university students, enterprising with a great desire to grow? It is precisely to them that Xiaomi looks in fact that it has hired 2500 in the last year.

In the last year Xiaomi has hired more than 2000 university students: an always young company with young raw materials. Is this the secret of success?

The success of the brand is no secret. Just think that in the last period in which the world was brought to its knees by the epidemic, the company has been one of the few to suffer very little from the crisis. We don't mean that it was the only one, for heaven's sake, but the high floor capacity allowed the Chinese giant to stand and stand tall. But also of the lower floors, let's face it: it is also thanks to the “smaller"If the company was affected relatively by the economic problems arising from COVID-19 and a part of this merit is also due to university students hired in the last year



The main cadres of the company carried out by Lei Jun

Young raw material for a young company. This is perhaps the secret of the Chinese company's ability and success in 2020 it hired more than 2500 young fresh graduate students. It is to them that Lei Jun, from the company, offers the most sincere thanks since without them probably Xiaomi would have stopped. An integral engine of the giant that continues to grind money and produce top quality goods, even if too many. In fact, we said a few minutes ago about the possibility of launch of new flaghsip in August.

In any case a special thanks goes to Liu De, head of the company's team building. It is mainly thanks to him if these young talents have joined the Chinese giant. And what do you say? Would you like to be part of Xiaomi? Would you like to work for this company? Let us know in the comments!

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Andrea Di Franco
Andrea Di Franco
5 months ago


40 years old
40 years old
5 months ago

What do they care, at 40 in China you are old to throw away ... here they want to do the same, and the stupid state that allows them!

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