Get fit with the Walking Pad A1 - The 40% discounted folding treadmill

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Lo Xiaomi Walking Pad A1 (HERE our review) is the treadmill of the Chinese brand, characterized by small dimensions, great solidity and portability, as well as an extreme ease of use. In fact, just plug it in and you are ready to get back in shape. The good news is that the product is now offered on the Home Cleaner store at a really interesting reduced price. Before going into the details of the promotion, let's see the main technical characteristics of the treadmill.

Xiaomi Walking Pad A1 is suitable for every home

The first aspect to consider is that the overall dimensions of this accessory can be significantly reduced, since it is folding. In fact, it is possible to fold it completely on itself bringing the overall dimensions from 142 × 54 cm (when open) to 82 × 54 cm with a thickness of 13 cm. Therefore, it is possible to safely store it under a coffee table or under the sofa.

It has a maximum load of 90 kg it's a express speed ranging from 0,5 km / h to 6 km / h (the maximum speed can only be reached after completing the introductory tutorial, which also describes all its features). In addition to the practical app, it can be unlocked and controlled via remote control, with which it is also possible to control the mode change and the speed variation.

He owns a great LED display, positioned in the front, which shows all the info of the running session in English. Below it, there are 3 lights that notify the various states of the accessory: stand by / auto mode / manual mode. There is also a spy that notifies the remote connection with the app.

As for its operation, we have available two modes of use, selectable from the remote control or via the button on the right in the front side. The first is the manual mode, by means of which each operation can be managed in a completely free way via the remote control, by adjusting the pace speed as well as the end of the run session. Through the app, however, it is also possible to set the “intelligent” start / stop by pausing on the pad.

However, it is the automatic mode the real gem of this device: sensors placed in the front and back will reveal any changes in the pace of the step, adapting the speed of the treadmill in an adaptive way. Therefore Walking Pad A1 can be started or its speed increased even just by stopping in the front, and it is possible at the same time to slow it down or stop its use simply by stepping back in the back. Thus the remote control becomes superfluous, although it is advisable to wear it for safety reasons.

Initially you have to get carried away, but this mode can really bring a lot of satisfaction to the user. You will see that after a few uses you will be able to interact perfectly with the machine. Finally, another strong point of the treadmill is the integration with the Xiaomi ecosystem: it is theMiHome app to manage the accessory.

There are many possible customizations:

  • Maximum speed limit setting
  • Default speed in manual mode
  • Type of startup in manual mode (sensors on the mat or remote control)
  • Sensitivity of automatic mode
  • Information shown on the display (time, speed, distance, calories, steps)
  • Child block
  • Personal information (gender, weight, height, age)

Finally, there is a calibration function which, by using the hexagonal key supplied, allows you to calibrate (return to the center) the carpet.

Walking Pad A1: here is the offer

At this moment the Walking Pad A1 treadmill is offered on the Home Cleaner platform at the price of 299 €, using the discount code TODAYA1PRO. To take advantage of the current promotion click HERE: at checkout you can enter the discount code in the appropriate field. Before saying goodbye, we want to strongly advise you to take a look at all the Home Cleaner discounts dedicated to Black Friday. There really is something for everyone!

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Edoardo D'Amato

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