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Meta introduces real-time AI image generation to WhatsApp

Meta has announced surprising news for WhatsApp users: the real-time AI image generation, currently in beta version. This feature allows users to see how images change and adapt as they add details to their text prompts in a chat with Meta AI.

WhatsApp: here is the generation of AI images in real time

Basically, you start writing an idea for an image and, as you formulate the text, the image changes accordingly, enriching itself with details in real time. The example provided by Meta illustrates this technology perfectly. One user typed “Imagine a soccer match on Mars,” and the generated image evolved from a figure of a soccer player to a full scene of a soccer field on Mars. This shows the speed of the technology and also its ability to aadapt creatively to the details provided.

You can see the result above this link.

Meta didn't stop there. The image quality has been significantly improved thanks to the new Meta Llama 3 model, which now produces sharper, higher-quality results, and better handles text integration into images. Also interesting is the possibility of animate any image provided, turning it into an animated GIF to share, adding a touch of dynamism to social interactions.

The real-time image generation feature is not just limited to WhatsApp. Users in the United States can access this technology also via Meta AI on the web. This expansion is part of a broader rollout of AI-powered features that Meta is introducing across all of its platforms, including Instagram, Facebook e Messenger. The goal is clearly to further integrate artificial intelligence into everyday life, making our digital interactions richer and more engaging.

For the moment the rollout is not planned in Europe but we know for sure that the functionality will arrive here too. It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp is also introducing an AI Chat with which it will be possible to talk and interact for different purposes.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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