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We finally know how we will talk with WhatsApp AI Chat: like with ChatGPT

WhatsApp is working on an update that will transform the way we interact with artificial intelligence. A new function, still under development, promises to make the consultation of talk to WhatsApp AI Chat integrating it directly into the app's search bar. This step reflects Meta's desire to make the user experience increasingly personalized and advanced.

How to talk to WhatsApp's AI Chat: new features coming soon

This feature is intended to simplify and speed up access to assistance provided by artificial intelligence, eliminating the need to initiate a specific conversation. The update, currently under development, will allow users to type their requests into the search bar, receiving suggestions and answers immediately, without having to search for the Meta AI contact in the chat list. Essentially, the search bar will become Multifunction: it will continue to be used as a contact search and chat, but also to "evoke" the WhatsApp AI Chat.

how to call up whatsapp chats from the search bar

Thanks to this integration, accessing the potential of Meta AI will become an instant and direct process, significantly improving the user experience. The convenience of being able to start a conversation with artificial intelligence without leaving the app's home screen represents a step forward in making AI technology more accessible and usable for everyone.

The possibility of interacting with Meta AI, or WhatsApp Chat AI, through the search bar not only optimizes times, but also introduces a previously non-existent level of immediacy and ease of use. This approach, which aims to make AI a resource always at hand, aligns perfectly with the current trend of making technologies more intuitive and integrated into our daily lives.

The source WABetaInfo obviously does not know when the feature will be released to the general public. For the moment the feature is in the testing phase, but we expect it within the year Meta will launch it so as not to fall behind its competitors.

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