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Here's how you'll talk to WhatsApp AI Chat: the shortcut on the app has come out into the open

The latest WhatsApp beta update,, available on the Google Play Store, introduced a dedicated shortcut to access AI-powered chats. This functionality, anticipated by Mark Zuckerberg, is currently available to a select group of users in the United States. It is a button always present , switchare to AI Chat.

WhatsApp will have super-fast access to AI Chat

Il new button, located on the tab Cat above the icon to start new conversations, it allows you to open AI Chats immediately. This approach aims to simplify the user experience, reducing the time and effort needed to initiate these “specialized” conversations.

Integrating this shortcut into the Chats tab ensures that users are aware of the functionality and easily incorporate it into their daily use of the app. Furthermore, facilitates access to AI advice and suggestions, enhancing assistance in activities.

Until now, unfortunately, we don't know specifically what Whatsapp's AI Chat will be able to do. Maybe it will be a ChatGPT style virtual assistant.

whatsapp shows the quick key to join ai chats

Although currently only available to a select group, WhatsApp plans to extend this functionality to a wider audience in the future. The exact date for large-scale release remains uncertain, but expectations are high for the potential of this innovation.

The addition of an AI chat shortcut to the WhatsApp Chats tab marks a significant step towards a seamless experience. more interactive and AI-assisted messaging. This update not only improves efficiency but also introduces a new way of interacting with technology.

It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp has been around for a long time aiming on ability of its digital products to interact with artificial intelligence. Among the products we obviously also include those of Meta, the now parent company of the instant messaging app. The future is therefore painted with AI, even in the apps we use most frequently.

Gianluca Cobucci
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