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Redmi Projector Lite is the new ultra-economical projector with 1080p resolution

Xiaomi, the well-known Chinese tech giant, recently launched its most affordable projector to date: the Redmi Projector Lite. With an introductory price of just 699 yuan (about 90 euros at the exchange rate), this device promises to bring the great cinema experience directly into consumers' homes without emptying their wallet.

Redmi Projector Lite is the new ultra-economical projector with 1080p resolution

Redmi Projector Lite

The Redmi Projector Lite offers a measured brightness of 150 CVIA lumens, certified by both China Electronic Imaging Industry Association that SGS, ensuring bright and clear images even in ambient light conditions.

This projector stands out for its physical resolution of 1080P and a projection ratio of 1.2:1, supporting a maximum size of the 100 inch projection screen. These specifications make it ideal for a variety of environments, from the game room to the conference room.

The heart of the Redmi Projector Lite is its Custom-made sealed optical engine and a super-clear lens, which together provide a sharper and more vivid projection effect. Xiaomi claims that the life of the entire appliance can reach 10 years, a testament to the quality and durability of the product.

In terms of smart features, the projector comes with a ToF laser detection module which supports automatic image correction, body movement adaptation and startup-insensitive autofocus. Thanks to the intelligent AI omnidirectional correction algorithm, the projector can instantly project a perfect square image, regardless of position or angle, without interfering with the viewing experience.

As for connectivity, the Redmi Projector Lite is equipped with a variety of interfaces, including a headphone jack from 3.5 mm, A 'HDMI interface (ARC) a USB2.0 and a DC IN power interface. There app compatibility Mijia and dual-band Wi-Fi further expands its capabilities, allowing wireless projection from computers and smartphones.

Redmi Projector Lite

Finally, the projector got the SGS certification for low blue light emission, filtering blue light in the range of 415nm-455nm to protect the visual health of users. This feature is especially important in an era where we spend hours in front of the screen.

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