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Xiaomi 13 Ultra disappoints on DxOMark: a year to forget for Xiaomi flagships

The well-known photographic benchmarking platform, DxOMark, has just released the review of one of the most anticipated smartphones that focuses more on the photographic sector: the Xiaomi 13Ultra. Let's see how the latest "super flagship" of the Chinese brand behaved!

Xiaomi 13 Ultra disappoints on DxOMark: a year to forget for Xiaomi flagships

Let's start with the total score obtained by the device which, as we can see in the image above, is 140 points. Thanks to this score, the smartphone is positioned in 14th place in the standings, on equal points with the Google Pixel 7, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (Snapdragon) and Vivo X90 Pro+. So a relatively disappointing score when we consider how much the brand has promoted the device's optics.

Going into detail, we find that the Xiaomi The 13 Ultra performed quite well in terms of shooting photos, with a score of 138, less well in Bokeh where it scored 65 points and in previews where it reached 72 points. Where, on the other hand, he did very well is in the Zoom category, with 147 points. For videos, on the other hand, a very good score of 137 points and definitely above average.

As for the review itself, according to the DxOMark team, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra performed particularly well in low light conditions, with excellent exposure and color rendering, and is among the best devices for this light condition. On the downside, it has been found that the smartphone does some tonal compression in high-contrast scenes which often results in washed-out images and an overall unnatural look.

For video, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra did very well overall, with significant improvements over the Xiaomi 13 Pro in terms of autofocus performance. That said, there were some issues with color and exposure transitions during scene changes, as well as some scene integrity artifacts on moving subjects.

For these reasons, as well as autofocus and exposure transition problems, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra failed to reach the coveted Top 5.

What can I say, it really seems like a year to forget for flagships Xiaomi and DxOMark ranking. We can only hope for the next series!


Pierpaolo Figuccia
Pierpaolo Figuccia

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