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Xiaomi FIMI Mini 3 is the new compact and ultra-light drone

Xiaomi has just launched its new drone, the FIMI Mini 3, on the Chinese market. With a starting price of 1999 yuan (260 euro) for the version with a single battery and 2299 yuan (300 euros) for the one with double battery, the FIMI Mini 3 is positioned as an accessible choice for drone enthusiasts.

Xiaomi FIMI Mini 3 is the new compact and ultra-light drone

Xiaomi FIMI Mini 3

The innovative design of the FIMI Mini 3 is one of its main strengths. With a weight of alone 250 grams and comparable in size to a cell phone, this drone is not only extremely portable, but can also be folded up and stored away with ease. This feature makes it ideal for travelers and videomakers who need a drone that is always at hand without taking up any space.

From a technical point of view, the FIMI Mini 3 does not disappoint. It features a three-axis mechanical gimbal and an CMOS sensor from 48MP f/1.6 from 1/2 inch (equivalent to 24mm), which allows it to record video in 4K to 60FPS and time-lapse videos in resolution 8K (synthetic). These specifications ensure high-quality footage, both for personal and professional use.

One of the most significant innovations is the introduction of SoLink technology for digital transmission of high definition images. The FIMI Mini 3 can transmit high definition real-time images up to 9 kilometers away, supporting the passage between bands 2.4G and 5.8G and benefiting from codec optimization technology that reduces the delay in image transmission of just 120 milliseconds. This ensures stable and smooth image transmission, offering an immersive flying experience.

Furthermore, the drone is equipped with a new AI ISP chip, which led to a revolutionary improvement in the FIMI Mini 3's super night mode. Compared to traditional ISPs, the signal-to-noise ratio has been improved by 400%, allowing the drone to capture clear images even in low-light conditions at night.

Xiaomi FIMI Mini 3

Regarding autonomy, the FIMI Mini 3 excels with an integrated battery that supports the recharge PD from 27w and a USB-C connector that supports fast charging up to 9V / 3A, guaranteeing a 32 minute battery life. This allows users to enjoy extended flying sessions without the worry of having to frequently charge the device.

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