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Xiaomi in first place for the sale of used Chinese smartphones

Alongside the "traditional" smartphone market, there has always been that of used devices. Many users decide not to buy a new product, in most cases to save a few euros. This happens here, but think of the Chinese market, where obviously there are many more devices on the market. Precisely in China the used market he is very active, and guess who is in first place.

Xiaomi in China is the king of second-hand

That's right, Xiaomi! It is the number one brand in the special ranking launched by the Zhuanzhuan group, which crowned the multinational on the top step of the podium for Chinese smartphone sales in the second quarter of 2021. Let's take a look at the graph, thanks to the which we can draw really interesting conclusions.

As you can see, the undisputed queen, taking into consideration the smartphones used in general, is always Apple. And his rule doesn't seem to have an end. However, Xiaomi is the first Chinese brand and the second in the overall ranking. Thanks to the models of the Mi 10 series, with which he overtook vivo, which is currently the leading brand of the smartphone market in China.

Surprising to see Huawei in third position, but it seems that the company is experiencing a kind of second life thanks to the desire by users to try HarmonyOS through the supported devices, and with the operating system already available, at least in Beta. Oppo and Honor close the top 5. Honor is the brand that has grown the most in used vehicles (and the motivation is the same as we have explained with reference to Huawei).

It is interesting to note that the most chosen used device is Huawei Mate 40 Pro. It is likely that users choose it because, according to rumors, at least for 2021 no model of the Mate series should be released. Have you ever bought a used smartphone?


Edoardo D'Amato

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