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Xiaomi launches the Mi Note Bamboo Edition

I bet you are undecided whether or not you buy the brand new Xiaomi Mi Note, an exceptional smartphone that combines technical screaming features and a truly sought-after design. I also bet that elegance is the most distinguishing feature, and that you are looking for a smartphone that can best represent you. Did I guess? Then I do Xiaomi Mi Note Bamboo Edition it's what's right for you.

To great surprise, on yesterday's day, Xiaomi has announced that its latest top of the range will also be available soon in the release Bamboo Edition with Bamboo back cover. Perhaps less than the success they have gained from the rear Mi4, Xiaomi wants to replicate, offering its fans a truly unique product. The new back cover, as stated by Xiaomi himself, is only thick 0.9 mm, it will guarantee to the Mi Note a lower overall weight of 5 grams compared to the standard version will have a feel of feel comparable to that offered by the glass cover. Xiaomi said that to achieve the same constructive quality, the new cover was produced using a special production process featuring well 19 different phases, also designed to guarantee water and dust resistance.

The new technical features Mi Note the price, which will be in China, will remain unchanged, slightly higher instead 2299 Yuan, about 348 euro at the current exchange rate.

Here is a collection of real pictures of Mi Notes Bamboo Edition.

Are you making us a real thought?

Xiaomi_Mi_Note_bamboo_10 Xiaomi_Mi_Note_bamboo_9 Xiaomi_Mi_Note_bamboo_6 Xiaomi_Mi_Note_bamboo_4 Xiaomi_Mi_Note_bamboo_3 Xiaomi_Mi_Note_bamboo_2 Xiaomi_Mi_Note_bamboo Xiaomi_Mi_Note_bamboo_1


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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