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Xiaomi Mi Band: new production version!

Notice this link which brings back to the official site Xiaomi. Something strange? A new version of the We Band is in production. We're talking about Mi Band 2? No! This version is identical to the previous but with very small details worthy of note.


Xiaomi Mi Band version 1.1

Xiaomi Mi Band


As shown in the picture below, the new model of the We Band has code XMSH03HM.
The previous model had XMSH01HM code. What are the differences?

The first difference that can be seen, we can say, "at a glance" is the removal of multi-color RGB LEDs. The LEDs of the new version will have only one color the White.
Many think that this Xiaomi choice (first of all) is useless and annoying. The multicolored LEDs distinguished not only the status of the device but also the APPs that sent notifications to the bracelet.
Not all the evil comes to harm, though.

The newest version of the world's most famous bracelet incorporates a new battery from 45mah instead of that from 41mah.
It looks like an insect but if we consider the difference we are talking about the 10% more that means 3 / 4 gg of difference usage. Not bad!

Xiaomi Mi Band


Summarizing the differences between version 1.0 and version 1.1 of the Xiaomi Mi Band:

  • Notification LEDs pass from RGB multicolored to LED White.
  • Battery improved by 10% going from 41 mAh to 45 MaH.


Here is the Xiaomi official page translated with Google Translate. Note the letter at the top left.

Xiaomi Mi Band

If I buy it Xiaomi Mi Band from the shop of Smartylife, which version will I receive? I bet many of you will be wondering right now.

Here's the answer: Purchasing from shop of Smartylife you will get up exhaustion stocks the RGB version (to understand, with multicolored LEDs). After these stocks there will be the distribution of the new version.

We also recall that the version with multicolored LED, so the previous one, will no longer be produced by Xiaomi.




For more information, please feel free to contact us. Thank you




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