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Xiaomi Mi4c: Here are the first official camera shots

Let's go back to talk about the smartphone of the home at Xiaomi, or the Mi4c. It has really impressed both from its debut a few days ago Xiaomi Mi4c officially presented | both for the aesthetic aspect and for the quality-price ratio (at the moment it's hard to find the best). Well, below we want to show you the first images taken by the Xiaomi Mi4c with its rear camera. These are images published directly by Xiaomi and, as far as we know, are naked and raw, in the sense that they have not been altered to the computer.

Click to see the slideshow.

As expected, these images are qualitatively very good, especially when it comes to having a panorama full of light and dark (in this case the HDR mode works perfectly). Of course, having been taken directly by Xiaomi, the result could only be excellent (hardly a manufacturer publishes poor images to advertise their smartphone), so we have to wait for the first images taken by "normal users" to see how good it actually is. the camera of this smartphone which, we recall, mounts a Sony Exmor IMX258 sensor of 13 Mpixel and an optic formed by 5 lenses.

Before leaving you, we want to remind you that before the presentation, the co-founder of Xiaomi, Lin Bin, published on his Weibo profile a comparative image about the quality and angle of shot of the front cameras of Xiaomi Mi4c and iPhone 6 | Xiaomi Mi4c: Lin Bin compares the front camera with that of the iPhone 6 |.


via | Xiaomi Fans Italia

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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