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Xiaomi Mijia Magnetic Track Light is the new smart track ceiling light

The giant of Chinese technology Xiaomi just launched a very interesting new product in China. His name is Mijia Magnetic Track Light and it is a ceiling track light that supports 10.000-level dimming, slow on and off, and has a starting price of 199 yuan, about 26 euros at the current exchange rate.

Xiaomi Mijia Magnetic Track Light is the new smart track ceiling light

Going to the specifications, the Mijia Magnetic Track Light adopts a 5mm ultra-thin surface mount track, which does not require a high ceiling and can be installed quickly. This product is able to provide flexible lighting arrangement, without having to limit yourself to using only the light point already set up.

As for the power supply, the track light uses a small, high-efficiency GaN-type power supply with a voltage of 45V and there is also an innovative IoT adapter. There is no need to reserve a socket, it is also possible to have a camera without wiring after being turned over it can also be moved flexibly.

The Xiaomi Mijia Magnetic Track Light comes with a total of three main lamps that are optional, including a 1,2cm ultra-thin line lamp for 399 yuan (54 euros), a five-light lamp for 299 yuan (40 euros). and a spotlight with a 24-degree beam angle at 299 yuan (40 euros), all installed with magnetic suction and anti-fall safety buckle, with the possibility of having a stepless adjustment of color temperature and brightness.

Like almost every Mijia product, smart control of the same is essential. The Xiaomi Mijia Magnetic Track Light it not only supports single light control, but also multi-light intelligent grouping and voice control. So you can control everything even remotely without any problem.

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