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Xiaomi Mijia Mini Fascia Gun 2C is the new ultra-cheap massage gun

The massage gun is an increasingly popular tool among sportsmen and people suffering from muscle pain. It is a device that emits high frequency and pressure vibrations, capable of stimulating deep muscle tissues and promoting relaxation, recovery and injury prevention. Among the various brands and models on the market, Xiaomi today launched a new version of its Mijia Mini Band Gun, called 2C. It is a product that promises to offer high performance at an affordable price, only 249 yuan (about 32 euro).

Xiaomi Mijia Mini Fascia Gun 2C is the new ultra-cheap massage gun

The Mijia Mini Fascia Gun 2C adopts a compact and lightweight design, in fact, it weighs only 350 grams, but that doesn't mean giving up power. The product can in fact deliver a maximum thrust of 12 kg, enough to reach deep muscle fascia below 6 mm and quickly eliminate pain and tension.

The massage gun also features two modes of operation: one with a fixed frequency, which maintains a constant vibration, and one with frequency conversion, which varies the vibration based on the pressure exerted. The latter mode is particularly useful for adapting the massage to different areas of the body and to the different needs of the users.

To facilitate the use of the massage gun, Xiaomi has equipped the product with a light ring that changes color based on applied pressure, indicating whether it is too strong, too weak or adequate. In addition, the massage gun remembers the intensity and mode used last time and re-proposes them when it is turned on, thus saving you from having to adjust them every time.

In terms of hardware, the Mijia Mini Fascia Gun 2C mounts a powerful 58W magnetic motor, which allows you to reach a speed of 2500 rpm and power of 190Nm. The built-in 1900 mAh battery guarantees an autonomy of 30 days with an average use of 10 minutes per day. The noise generated by the band gun is contained in about 40 dB, equivalent to the background noise of a library.

The Mijia Mini Band Gun 2C is available in two colors: black and white. The product comes with four interchangeable heads, suitable for massaging different parts of the body: a spherical one for large muscles, a flat one for large areas, a U-shaped one for the neck and spine and a conical one for trigger points.

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