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Xiaomi Mijia Night Light 3 released in China, now with diffused lighting

The giant of Chinese technology Xiaomi has just launched the third generation of its Mijia night lamp, the Mijia Night Light 3, now available on Xiaomi Mall at the price of 59 yuan, on 8 euros at the exchange rate. The Mijia Night Light 3 comes with a round design, faithful to the aesthetic line of its predecessors, but introduces a significant innovation: indirect lighting.

Xiaomi Mijia Night Light 3 released in China, now with diffused lighting

Xiaomi Mijia Night Light 3

Unlike the previous generation's direct lighting, with adjustable angles, the new model adopts one backlight scheme. The lighting effect uses the principle of diffuse reflection to uniformly disperse natural light, thus creating a comfortable and relaxing ambient atmosphere.

The strong point of the Mijia Night Light 3 is the soft lighting effect that guarantees a comfortable environment without dazzling, with two intensity levels, high and low, selectable according to the needs of the scene.

The lamp is equipped with a dual sensor, photosensitive and motion, which allows for reactive and intelligent lighting. L'detection angle reaches 120°, with a detection distance of 5 meters forward and 3 meters to the sides, thus ensuring optimal coverage of the surrounding area.

Xiaomi Mijia Night Light 3

One of the most appreciated aspects is the battery life: the Mijia Night Light 3 is powered by one 600mAh lithium battery, rechargeable via Type-C interface. With a full charge in just three hours, the lamp can last up to 8 months when used at the lowest brightness level.

The lamp also offers a series of hidden buttons that allow you to adjust the intensity of the light, turn it off, keep it always on or activate the sensor mode. There is also a button for adjusting the brightness.

As for installation, Xiaomi has maintained the practical magnet fixing system of the previous generation. The body of the lamp features integrated magnets that allow it to easily attach to metal surfaces such as the refrigerator, and it comes with a 3M adhesive base for greater positioning versatility.

The price of 59 yuan makes the Night Light 3 a product accessible to many, maintaining the high quality and technological innovation that distinguish Xiaomi products. Furthermore, the Night Light 3 is not only a functional object, but also a piece of furniture that can help create a welcoming atmosphere.

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